What Are WOD Gloves And How Are They Beneficial For CrossFit And Gymnastics?

CrossFit training and gymnastics are ranked among the most challenging workout programs, because of the intense lifting involved in their respective routines. Pressure from prolonged use of pull up bars, free weights and other gym equipment often cause the formation of calluses and blisters on the trainer’s palms. They are not only painful and disgusting to look at, but they also reduce the quality of your training in the long run.

A WOD (Workout of the Day) glove is specifically developed for CrossFit trainers, weightlifters, gymnasts and other types of athletes. They provide more than just maximum comfort, grip and protection to your hands. They also come in different materials, colours and designs.

Listed below are the top four advantages of using WOD gloves for your everyday workout routines. Also, check this comprehensive guide to learn more about the best WOD gloves for 2017.

Protection from Blisters

With WOD gloves, you will no longer worry about getting calluses and blisters that may lead to postponement of some of your workout plans. If you have a minor wound in your hands, you may still continue with your usual routines by properly dressing the wound and wearing WOD gloves for added protection. You will also get rid of having rough palms while training with WOD gloves.

Protection from Wrist Injuries

Aside from protecting your hands from frequent blistering, WOD gloves also help provide support to the wrists and reduce the strain on the joints. More than 10 percent of injuries related to training are attributed to the hyperextension of wrist joints. Wearing WOD gloves not only provides maximum stability, but also allows for effective recovery during rehabilitation exercises.

Stronger Grip

During intense workouts your hands may sweat a lot. It is often as a result of trainers falling off the bar while doing pull ups, or barbells accidentally slipping out of their hands. Fortunately, there are some WOD gloves that are made from absorbent materials, which prevent sweat from getting onto the gym equipment. Not only do they prevent potential serious injuries from accidental falls, but they also improve your training performance. With a better grip you can get the maximum weight resistance and train your muscles to the fullest. Instead of your fingers doing most of the work, the weight will be distributed evenly across your forearm muscles.

Maximum Comfort

While some people prefer to train with their bare hands, there are some WOD gloves available in fitness stores that offer more than just a better grip. The tip to getting maximum comfort with a WOD glove is to find the right size and material for your hands. There are fingerless gloves that allow for a better feel and faster cooling of your hands. There are also gloves made from cotton materials, which absorb sweat from your hands as well as leather and neoprene materials, which are known for providing a better grip on the weights.

WOD gloves also help prevent the spread of disease-causing germs, provide warmth while training during cold weather and stimulate blood circulation in the area. Get some now and you’ll notice an improvement to your CrossFit and gymnastic training in no time!

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