Relationship Goals: How Partner Exercises Build Intimacy

Couple sat facing each other in a gym, stretching to the side with their arms. Displays how exercising together can fomr intimate relationships

Getting fit together is a relationship goal every couple should embrace. The journey to a fit body, low BMI and healthy habits have a host of positive physical and psychological benefits for both partners. Apart from increasing your physical desire for each other, the pros of getting healthy also include a stronger libido, enhanced energy, and increased stamina.

Partner exercises offer the opportunity for you to work out together. Whether you feel like stretching out with some yoga or heading out for a jog together, the act of improving your physical health through partner exercises strengthens your relationship as well.

The Link Between Physical And Emotional States

A complex web of neurotransmitters, nerves, and biochemicals interlink our mind and body. If we spend most of our time in a cloud of negative emotions, it will directly affect our physical state of well-being.

Our partners pick up on our psychological state and the vibration that emits from our body and mind. If we aren’t feeling good, our partner can sense it. Negative emotions are like a contagious disease, and they can quickly spread between both partners putting pressure on the relationship.

Exercise is a means of relieving negative emotions and restoring the body and mind to a balanced state. When we exercise, the cocktail of hormones and biochemicals released by the brain drive a sense of euphoria into the body that releases stress. By stretching and working out with your partner, you both benefit from the release of pheromones and hormones, drawing you closer together as a couple.

Using Exercise To Strengthen Your Relationship

Being intimate with each other doesn’t just mean doing romantic things like curling up on the couch together with a bottle of wine and a roaring fire. You can create the same level of intimacy with each other through stretching and exercise.

Partner yoga is an excellent way of developing your flexibility and breathing. It involves a series of exercises, or poses, which require close contact with each other during all the movements.

During this sort of exercise, concentrate on your partners breathing and try to synchronize the rise and fall of your breath. Slow your heartbeat into a rhythm with each other and relax into one another.

Take it to the next level by trying a Bikram Yoga class together. This form of yoga takes place in a heated room, with sessions lasting up to an hour. The added heat in the room quickly elevates heart rate, increasing heart rate and circulation.

If partner yoga isn’t your thing, try taking a run together. It doesn’t matter if one of you is fitter than the other, what matters is that you get out on the road together. Have fun with each other as you travel across the tarmac, and support each other as you begin to feel tired. Running releases oxytocin in the brain, a “feel-good” hormone that increases your desire for each other.

Whatever method you choose to use to exercise, the important thing to remember is that it should bring value to your relationship.

Support Each Other

Partner exercises build a robust and healthy relationship by increasing the level of trust between yourselves. The safety of specific exercises depends on your ability to connect with each other and understand if your partner is experiencing any pain or discomfort. The intimacy between you grows as you learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Support each other in training and life. Rely on your partner and trust their judgment, when it comes time to make a tough decision, you know that you can rely on their opinion.

Grow Together

As your bodies and minds develop together, you’ll feel a stronger connection to one another with every workout.

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