Your Ultimate Wellbeing Christmas Gift Guide

Every year we like to put together our round up of lovely Christmas gifts and this year we’re focusing on wellbeing related gifts. Our ultimate wellbeing Christmas gift guide includes a variety of gorgeous, purse friendly gift ideas that will either make the recipient feel all warm and fuzzy inside or make their life a whole lot easier in some way.

Because as much as we absolutely love Christmas it can be mega stressful, right? It’s super busy, there’s a million and one things that need doing, the kids are beyond excited, and trying to decide what gifts to buy for your loved ones can be an absolute minefield. You want to buy presents that people actually want or need, which won’t leave you financially ruined, and also shows you’ve put a bit of thought and care into it. Well, we can’t help you with your to do list, and we definitely can’t help calm your kids down, but we can give you a few Christmas present ideas to help get you started.

So let’s take a look at what’s in our ultimate wellbeing Christmas gift guide this year:

Yoga Cards

These beautiful Build a Practice Yoga Cards make the perfect gift for the wannabe yogi in your life. The pack includes 60 essential yoga pose cards each of which includes an illustration of the pose on one side and easy to understand instructions on the other, a meditation card, 3 breathing exercises, 5 themed yoga sequences, and a create your own sequence notebook. The cards are both stylish and practical, offering beginners the chance to familiarize themselves with a range of yoga poses so that they can practice more confidently and develop their own combination of moves. The High Desert Yogi cards are also a great tool for yoga teachers in training who can use them as flashcards when putting together their own sequences.

We think they’d make the perfect present for teenagers, your BFFs, your school mum friends, your gym friends, housemates, uni friends, work friends, you name it these yoga cards will be on the top of pretty much everyone’s Christmas list this year. We know for sure that they’re on the top of ours! The cards make a beautiful present in their own right, however you could also combine them with a yoga mat and some comfortable yoga clothes for the ultimate yoga Christmas care package. Which brings us nicely onto the next gift on our list…

Sports Bras

Sports bras. The best present you could ever buy the active female in your life. And their boobs for that matter. But it can be difficult to buy a sports bra for someone else, can’t it? Especially if you don’t know their size or their activity level, or even their style preference for that matter. If you’re going to gift someone a sports bra we think it’s best to keep it simple and go for a light support bra that can be used for a range of different activities such as yoga, Pilates, walking, climbing, or weight training etc.

And when it comes to comfortable, stylish light support bras we cannot recommend the range of sports bras at adidas highly enough. With performance features such as moisture absorbing fabric, removable pads, a choice of adjustable and non-adjustable straps, the bras are also made from a high percentage of recycled fabric – part of the adidas mission to reduce plastic waste. The bras range in size from 2XS A-C through to 2XL D-DD and to get the best fit for your female recipient you’ll obviously need to do a little bit of snooping to find out what size they are. Either ask their partner if they have one, do some tactical questioning when you’re next in the gym together, or just ask them outright. I’m sure they won’t mind if they know they’re going to get a sports bra from you for Christmas.

We love the designs, we love how stylish they look, we adore the strap designs, and most of all we absolutely love how comfortable and capable we feel when we wear them. So not only will you be gifting a gorgeous sports bra to the females in your life this Christmas, but you’ll also be passing on that same feeling of empowerment that you feel when you wear them. Because trust us, when you buy some of these for your mates you will definitely get the jels and want some new sports bras too!

Crystal Spell Bag

We love that this can be used at any time of the year – unlike other journals there are no set dates or calendar formats to it, which means you can pick it up at a time that feels right for you. And once you have completed the 12-week plan, you will find yourself equipped with the necessary habits, self-care skills, and wellness practices to deal with life’s overwhelming moments.

Buy it as a present for anxious teens, overwhelmed parents, for your work’s secret Santa gift, your friends, your partner, do you know what… buy this for everyone you know. Because if we’re all being completely honest with ourselves, the overwhelm is real and we need as much help as possible to overcome it. This is the journal to help us.

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