3 Things You Need To Know About Buying Fresh Meat

The taste of a meal depends on the quality and freshness of the ingredients, not just on the recipe or your cooking skills. If meat is an integral part of your diet, it’s important to know how to recognize fresh, high-quality meat in the store, so you can avoid disappointing results in the kitchen.

Read on to discover three essential things you need to know about buying fresh meat.

1. Where You Shop Matters

Always exercise caution when buying meat, especially if you’re not sure about the store’s quality standards. If meat is the primary protein source in your diet, buying low-quality meat will sabotage your nutrition goals and affect your health in the long-term. Besides, your cooking efforts will be wasted because it’s impossible to find that special, succulent taste in cheap meat. Keep this in mind, especially when you order meat online.

To find the greatest diversity of fresh meats, consider visiting a butcher shop. Reputable butcher shops have high-quality standards, so there’s little to worry about in terms of meat freshness or taste. When looking for tender, succulent meat, a butcher shop is the perfect place for a fresh selection of cuts. You can also order online. The Meat Man is a family-owned business that can deliver fresh beef, pork, lamb, and exotic meat right to your doorstep.

2. Bulk-Buying Is Safe

Some people prefer not to purchase meat in bulk because they’re worried about health and safety standards. However, if you find fresh meat at an affordable price, buying in bulk can be a sensible decision. To get the best value for money and enjoy your purchase without health concerns, it’s crucial to freeze the meat correctly. Clean the fresh meat and pack it into securely-tied freezer bags. The faster you freeze the meat after purchase, the better it will taste when thawed.

3. Smell And Color Are The Best Quality Indicators

When looking to buy meat, pay attention to color and smell to determine freshness. Although each kind of meat has a different color depending on what animal it is, fresh meat is generally bright red or bright pink. Avoid meat that looks pale or has gray tones. Although determining quality based on color is a bit tricky, because producers use various substances to enhance the color of meats, the smell will never deceive you. Our noses can tell us if we’re smelling rotten meat, so trust your sense of smell.

Final Words

When buying fresh meat, it’s best to know in advance what preparation technique you’ll use. Each cooking method has a different effect on the taste and tenderness of the meat. By knowing what dish you’ll prepare, you can ask the butcher for the appropriate cuts.

Always buy meat from places you trust. Family-owned butcher shops are more likely to sell you fresh meat than large chain supermarkets. Low-quality meat can put a damper on your cooking experience and affect your ability to enjoy your next steak or barbecue.

To enjoy healthy and mouth-watering meat dishes, always remember the tips above.

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