Adidas Sportswear Review: Can Middle-Aged Women Wear Adidas?

I’ve been wearing adidas sportswear and trainers since I was a teenager. I remember my first pair of Gazelles – the classic brushed black suede with the infamous three white stripes running down the sides – which I’d ordered from my mum’s catalogue and spent the next half a year paying off in instalments with money earned from my paper round. I thought I was the dog’s proverbials!

However, now that I’m a mum of teens, both of whom wear adidas, I’m beginning to question whether it’s socially acceptable for me to be wearing the same brand as my kids? Can middle-aged women wear adidas? Should middle-aged women wear adidas? Well, I’m about to put it to the test. You see little old me has just joined the adidas blogger community (oh yeah, check out the shiny new badge on my homepage, teen me has literally just wet herself), which means I’ve got some new adidas sportswear to review and I wanna tell you all about it.

As you can see from the photo below, I’ve gone for an all green look in the pieces I’ve chosen (Shadow Green to be precise) which I am absolutely loving. A few years back I went and saw a colour consultant to advise me on what colours I should be wearing, and this shade of green was one of my really good colours. But you don’t see much of it in the shops, certainly not in sportswear anyway, so as soon as I saw this lovely lot I just knew I had to snap it up pronto.

Adidas TLRD Impact Training High-Support Bra

I want to start off with this rather gorge sports bra, because you see, I don’t have much up top so to speak. Which means I’ve never really paid that much attention to how supportive the bra I work out in is. That being said, I’m fully aware that it doesn’t matter how little you have up there, it’s still important to support what you have got. This high-support bra is hands down the most supportive sports bra I’ve ever owned. The sports bra fabric is soft and stretchy, but also holds and supports exactly where you need it. There’s even some padding in there to help with any perky nipple moments. In fact, while we’re on the subject of material it’s actually made from at least 60% recycled content, so it’s green and it’s ‘green’! It’s also part of adidas’s special moisture-absorbing AEROREADY range, which I’ll talk more about in a mo.

The cross-back straps are super flattering, especially if like me, you love showing off your back muscles. I mean, you gotta show off your good bits, right? The wire padded straps are adjustable and don’t dig in (huge plus point), and the back is fastened with 4 clasp fittings to allow for varying widths. I’m pretty sure most other sports bras I’ve seen only offer 3 at the most, so this is great. Overall, it feels supportive, but not in a restrictive way – your boobs can breathe, but they’re certainly not going anywhere.

Adidas Trainicons Tank Top

My ideal workout/running vest is loose, long and breathable, and this Trainicons tank top ticks all them boxes. For me it needs to be for the most part functional, but it’s always nice when it looks great too, right!?! There are a few things I like about the style and look of this top:

  1. The Colour – As I’ve said, Shadow Green is totally my shade, and the subtle three black stripes are a sophisticated and more grown-up addition to the usual white stripes. FYI it’s also available in Magic Mauve/White, and White/Pulse Lime.
  2. The Cut – Racer style backs are totally my vibe. Not gonna lie, the arm holes are loose so you deffo need a bra underneath to avoid showing off more than just your athletic prowess. But when you’ve mix and matched it as well as I have with a sports bra in the same colour, it is a seriously banging look!
  3. The Length – Personally, I prefer a top that comes down over my bum, to hide any potential camel toe situation. Plus, I think it flatters my figure more and just generally makes me feel more comfortable and confident. This is the perfect length.
  4. The Fabric – Like the sports bra this top is made in part from recycled materials and adidas AEROREADY. AEROREADY uses moisture wicking technology which basically keeps you feeling dry regardless of how much you sweat and therefore more comfortable long term. I love how loose it is and how the fabric moves with me when I work out – ain’t nothing worse than a too tight top in my opinion.

Adidas Optime Trainicons 7/8 Tights

For me, a decent pair of workout tights needs to have the three S’s…

  • Squat proof – I squat low, I certainly don’t want any gusset splitting action going on!
  • Stretchy – They need to move with me, not restrict my movements.
  • Suck in factor – I want smooth lines, no VPL, and not gonna lie, I want them to make me look slimmer.

These Optime Trainicons tights have got all three going on, which makes this girl very happy. You see, finding trousers that fit me isn’t exactly easy. I’m a classic pear shape, which means my bottom half is bigger than my top half, my waist is narrow, and my bum and hips are wide. It is a nightmare trying to get trousers to fit me in all the right places and to also feel as though my blood can still circulate – always a bonus when you’re working out! This pair of beauts fit like a glove. Super stretchy, super strong, and super suckyinny (nice word!) and most importantly they make me feel great. Which is so important right? I’m a big believer in the fact that if you look and feel great you are more likely to perform better. It’s a confidence thing. If you rock up at the gym wearing a pair of grotty, saggy, greying leggings I can guarantee you won’t feel as motivated to workout than if you’re wearing clothes that fit and flatter you.

The fabric is durable and strong, so there’s no need to worry about any see-through pant problems. They also wash and dry easily and quickly – essential mum criteria. Again, I’ve gone for them in Shadow Green, however you can also get them in Black, Dark Grey Heather, Legacy Burgundy, and Magic Mauve. There’s also a hidden pocket in the internal back of the waistband, for storing stuff like a key, a tissue, dog poo bags, or a snack etc.

I really like the subtlety of the trademark adidas three stripes in the black, it makes for a fantastic modern spin on a classic, and means they are both practical and stylish. I would wear these for working out in, but also casually with a hoodie to just chill out in as well. Oh, and I must just mention the high waist, because I love a trouser with a high waist. It helps to hold you in and feel supported and gives a much sleeker silhouette.

Adidas NY 90 Shoes

As I mentioned at the start, I have adored adidas trainers since I was a teenager, and now at the ripe old age of 43 I still love them. I wear them with dresses, with jeans, shorts, with sportswear; you name it, I’ll wear them with it. What I love about these particular trainers is that you can dress them up and dress them down, they’re super versatile – which in my mind means value for money… well, I am a mum after all!

They’re soft, comfortable, look stylish, make a statement without going too far out there, and I think they really say something about the person who wears them. I know I will wear them to absolute death this spring and summer. I particularly love the little details of the splashes of pink and black to make the trainers pop a bit. I’ve gone for the Cloud White/Cloud White/Clear Pink colourway, but they are also available in 5 other colours – Cloud White/Cloud White/Cream White; Cloud White/Cloud White /Dust Purple; Cloud White/Cloud White/Calvi; Cloud White/Cloud White/Almost Lime; Cloud White/Cloud White/Sandy Beige. I think it’s deffo worth having a think about what you’re going to wear them with before choosing your colour, but other than that, go for it.

Like all the other items I’ve selected, these shoes are made with a series of recycled materials – the upper features at least 50% recycled content – and is a great representation of how adidas are doing their bit to help reduce plastic waste.

So, Can A Middle-Aged Woman Get Away With Wearing Adidas Sportswear?

Of course she blinkin’ can, I mean come on, look at me! So what if my kids are embarrassed? Because, let’s face it, I can barely breathe without embarrassing them these days… I’m never going to win that battle. Us middle-aged women are stronger, fitter, more assertive, than ever. We are at our absolute prime, and if wearing adidas sportswear can help show that off, then my goodness I think we all need to start wearing it.

I feel as though the adidas brand has evolved with me as I have grown from awkward teen into self-assured me of today. I wear clothes that make me feel good, that make me feel strong, capable, and supported, and that allow me to do the activities I want to do when wearing them, but that also look cool too. And that is adidas. This middle-aged mum is certainly going to keep wearing it, with or without anyone else’s permission. There is zero embarrassment here, let me tell you!

 *All products gifted by adidas for review purposes.

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