Conscious By Design Wellness Pours Review

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another way to consume CBD, along comes another awesome product, but in this instance there is way more to it. Let me introduce you to Conscious {By Design} who have just launched their brand new range of wellness pours that are infused with mood-enhancing natural botanicals and a small dose of CBD for good measure.

Not sure what a wellness pour actually is…? Don’t worry, we weren’t either, but read on and we’ll tell you all about what they are, how to use them and most importantly, what they taste like!

What Are Wellness Pours?

Conscious {By Design} wellness pours are sachets of concentrate that you pour into water (or milk, but more on that in a min). Now you’d be forgiven for thinking that it basically sounds like posh squash, but there is way more to these than your average go to daily drink. Because these aren’t just about rehydration and quenching your thirst, I mean they do that wonderfully as well, but no this is another level of drinking. This is a drink experience.

The wellness pours contain natural botanicals, such as ginger oil, black pepper oil, curcumin, turmeric and chamomile extract, which have been proven to enhance your mood in certain ways. And on top of this the pours also include 20mg of THC-free, Swiss grade CBD to help regulate mood and nurture overall wellness. This combination of ingredients work together in harmony with your body to help make you feel more you again, and my goodness if ever there was a time we needed it, it’s now, right!?!

I think we’re all feeling a little out of whack at the moment, what with the stresses of the last 18 months and the effect of the virus that shall not be mentioned. So much stress and anxiety about how the world might be now that it’s finally opening up again, it’s a lot to take in. And I don’t know about you lot, but it’s felt a little like we’ve become muted versions of ourselves, not sure what to feel, how to feel, or even how to be any more. Now, I’m certainly not saying that a wellness pour is going to be the thing that sorts you out, it would be wrong of me to even suggest it. However, I am going to suggest that they could be part of the solution. It will take a whole heap of different things, all working in unison with each other to get us back on track. From regular exercise, eating well, getting outside in the sunshine, seeing friends and socialising again, talking openly about how we’re feeling and just being honest, kind and looking after ourselves, all these things will help. These wellness pours are a small part of that; a self care tool in our wellness toolkit if you like.

There are 4 different flavours in the range and each one is designed to help you feel a certain way:

FLEX – This one is all about rejuvenation and reenergising. Containing orange, ginger, turmeric and B12 complex this is really refreshing, light, summery and a great thirst quencher. You know that smell when you peel an orange? Well, this tastes exactly how that smells. A little bit bitter, not too sweet, the perfect post workout tonic.

IMMERSE – Want to feel refreshed and renewed, like you’ve dunked your head in a bowl of ice cold water? Then IMMERSE is the one for you! This mindful blend is infused with apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, black pepper and curcumin to help revive your senses and get you firing on all cylinders for the day ahead. It smells like Twister ice lollies (amazing!) and tastes absolutely delicious, hands down my favourite out of all 4. Sweet, refreshing, I’ll be sipping this from the hammock in my garden to help me cool down – when the sun decides to make an appearance obvs!

TOUCH – Infused with pomegranate, fig and black pepper this is the dark, sophisticated, sensual one. Designed to heighten your senses and help you to connect with others, this one is quite tart in flavour, but in a nice way. Totally the one to go for if you don’t do sweet. To me it has a sort of lemony detox taste, which I think would work really well first thing in the morning to help cleanse the palate. Definitely a sipper.

RECLINEStruggle to get to sleep at night? Mind racing with thoughts before bed? Sound familiar? This one, as the name would suggest, is all about helping you relax and unwind. It contains calming lavender, magnesium, chai, camomile and cacao and is the ultimate bedtime drink. Super comforting, really warming, stir this into a mug of warm milk and you’ll be counting sheep in no time. I can also imagine this being totally amazing when you’re on your period and you feel like you need a hug from the inside.

If you’re worried about the sugar and calorie content, then don’t be, because each sachet is just 6 calories (barely worth counting in my opinion) and the sweetness comes from either natural fruit juices or stevia, a natural sweetener. Oh, and in case you were wondering they are also vegan friendly.

How Do I Drink Them?

I love the fact that the sachets are pre-measured, meaning all you need to do is tear off the top (it’s super easy, no scissors needed) then pour it into your chosen liquid and give it a stir. That is literally it. When I first received the pours I must admit I did think they were going to be liquidlike in consistency when actually they’re more like a kind of gel. So, when you first pour it into the liquid, it sinks straight down to the bottom of the glass, hence why you need to give it a good stir, but it does mix in very easily and very quickly.

You’ll notice I’ve used the word liquid. This is because, some of the wellness pours work well with just water, whereas others are made even tastier by mixing them with milk, sparkling water, or your favourite fruit juice. It’s honestly up to you to be honest, so get a bit creative with them and see what you come up with. I’m personally excited to try the RECLINE one with some warm oat milk.

If you’re sipping the drink and planning on taking your time with it, which I 100% suggest you do as these aren’t drinks to be rushed, then I would recommend giving it a stir with a straw every now and again, or if you’re drinking it from a bottle just give it a little shake, just to ensure nothing settles at the bottom and the flavour remains constant throughout.

As I’ve said before, this is a drink experience, a mindful moment to just sit and sip and to just be. This isn’t for hasty rushed glugs; this is about taking your time. This is drinking with purpose.

How Can I Get My Hands On Some?

Conscious {By Design} have literally just launched their website (go take a look, it’s pretty swanky looking) and at the moment it is the only place you can buy their wellness pours – so it’s proper exclusive.

The wellness pours are available either in packs of 12 of the same flavour for £40 (so that’s just over £3 per pour) or you can buy a sample pack of 8 sachets for £25 and this contains 2 of each flavour (this is a great first option so that you can try them all out and see which one you like the most). I also noticed that you can get 15% off your first order if you sign up to their newsletter, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of that offer.

As I said, these aren’t going to change your life, but they will certainly pep you up and help you feel a bit more with it, feel a bit more you, feel a bit more alive, and just well… just feel more.

*product gifted for review
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