How To Use Interior Design To Bring Mindfulness To Your Home

The practise of mindfulness is just as fulfilling as creating a comfortable space in your home where you can practice it. Maybe you already have a corner where you meditate or do yoga, but why not spread out that space and dedicate more of your home to mindfulness? There are no right or wrong ways to use design to create a mindful home, but if you need some help, here are a few great ideas:


If you can’t dedicate an entire room to relaxation or fill your home with mindfulness elements, it’s okay – a quiet corner is often all you need. This space, no matter how big, should be kept free of clutter so you can focus on your body and mind instead of glancing at unopened mail and scattered kids’ toys all over the floor. Remove all kinds of distractions from your space and place a few boxes so you can quickly clean up the space.

Control Noise

Noise can be detrimental to relaxation and mind peace, so if you live somewhere noisy, add a white noise machine to your relaxation area to mask the distracting noises. If you have space, a water feature is a great addition to your home—it brings nature inside and blesses you with relaxing murmuring sounds.

Light It Up Properly

Boost mindfulness and relaxation in your home by lighting up your space. All indoor spaces deserve some mood lighting, so use lamps to create a relaxing and stimulating effect. If you’re aiming for a whimsical feel in your home, string lights always look great. There are great solutions for home lighting that will create an inviting, warm, and soothing atmosphere in your home. If you have outdoor spaces at home, make sure to light them up as well to boost their décor and functionality. A few path lights in your garden will make it pleasant and safe so you can spend the evenings relaxing outdoors and contemplating your connection with nature.

Boost Ambiance

All your spaces deserve some ambience, so incorporate candles, essential oils and incense into your décor. Soft candlelight can transport you to another place and time and enhance any space with its warm flickering glow. Just make sure to practice candle safety to avoid turning your space into a fire hazard. And don’t forget to play some music in your home—it can additionally boost relaxation and mood.

Improve Comfort

To add some more ambience and boost comfort in your space, you can add a few soft elements. Add some beautiful rugs to your floors to increase softness, warmth and make your floors more suitable for lounging and relaxation. If you choose a rug with a little more height and add a mat underneath, you can use it for yoga, and if you surround it with some pillows, you can meditate on it easily.

Add Some Plants

One of the easiest ways to bring peace, relaxation and health to your home is to mix indoor and outdoor spaces with plants. There are countless indoor plants that not only beautify your place and improve relaxation but also clean out your air and boost your mental health. And don’t neglect your outdoor space as well. If you have a garden, plant a few tall plants for added privacy and noise blocking. To further center your energy, add some rocks near your plants.

Personalize Your Space

To truly feel relaxed and free to think, contemplate and improve your thoughts, you need to personalize your space. You can do that in many ways—by including different fabrics, artwork, letters and cards from loved ones, and other elements. Fill your bookshelves with books that have a special meaning to you. It’s your space, so you can do whatever feels right for you, these are just suggestions.

Affirm Your Space

It’s true that positive words can positively impact your life, so add a few positive affirmations to your home. Print out quotes that speak to you and frame them in your living room, meditation corner or bedroom. Oftentimes, we forget how amazing we are and we need some reminders. If you want to practice mindfulness, these encouraging quotes and words will be there for you to fall on when you’re feeling down.

Creating a mindful space can improve your relationship with meditation and spirituality and your attitude towards life. With these tips, you will start your journey towards a mindful home, but make sure to add a few elements of your choosing to completely create a unique, relaxing and pleasant space for you.

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