Best Kratom for Pain Relief: Benefits, Usage, and Types

Various individuals suffer from different kinds of sicknesses and disorders; of course, they try their best to eliminate it with the professional’s help. However, there are cases that other people also turn to traditional medicines or remedies like Kratom.

Ever stumbled upon Kratom? In this article, we will talk about Kratom for pain relief, its benefits, usage, and types.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is found in various South Asian countries, like Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is a tropical perennial tree in the coffee heritage. It has an active component called mitragynine. Mitragynine is associated with opioid drugs that are known to relieve pain, like morphine.

Mitragynine can be extracted from its leaves. The said leaves are commonly dried to be encapsulated and consumed as a supplement or to make tea. In other cases, it is also used to be smoked, such as tobacco.

Benefits Of Kratom

Since Kratom is a traditional herbal drug, it is still subjected to a lot of research, but various potential benefits are found when it is consumed, such as:

Pain Relief

Kratom comprises three strains that are known to be an impressive pain reliever: red vein, white vein, and green vein properties that offer alleviation by linking to opioid receptors. There is also an element called 7-hydroxy mitragynine in it that is known to be a lot of times stronger compared to morphine.

Kratom is labeled as an atypical opioid; that is why kratom for pain it has more bearable side effects than other usual opioids.

Mood Elevation

Kratom can possibly help relieve withdrawals from ethanol and morphine. It helps boost your mood. It also has potentials when it comes to suppressing hunger and battling depression. Kratom has a sedative effect that is essential in easing mental disorders.

Increase Libido

Kratom also has the potential to increase libido. Some studies and reports claim that it has an aphrodisiacal effect, so they labeled it as a natural sexual enhancer.

The said benefits above are the most commonly known possible benefits of Kratom. It still has a lot of possible advantages that are yet to be discovered.

Usage Of Kratom

Kratom can be consumed or ingested through:

  • Supplements (capsules, tablets, etc.)
  • Extracts
  • Tinctures

As mentioned above, it can also be consumed as tea, and the leaves are usually dried or boiled. In other cases, it can also be eaten fresh, converted to powder, or even smoked. There is still not enough data on the right way to ingest Kratom to achieve the best effects in one’s body.

Types Of Kratom

Strains are what you call the different kinds of Kratom. It is commonly based on the place of its origin. The type may also tap on the other side effects it may contain, although it still doesn’t have enough information about that.


The Indo strain came from Indonesia, and it has three variants white, red or green. This particular strain is commonly known to increase mood, pain relief, relaxation, and reduce anxiety.

Maeng Da

Maeng da means different kinds of potent and long-lasting Kratom that came from Thailand; however, it is also available in Malaysia and Indonesia. It also has a red, green, and white strain that relieves pain and provides energy. In other cases, it is said that it has an effect of being talkative after ingesting maeng da.


Bali, also known as Red Vein, came from Indonesia; from the word itself, it is red in color and has the best potential to offer pain alleviation. Compared to other variations, the Bali strain is believed to have the most opioid effect.

Other strains:

  • Thai
  • Green Malay
  • Malaysian
  • Borneo

The key takeaway in this article, if you are considering Kratom to help you with your pain relief, you should seek professionals’ help; such natural remedies may be able to alleviate but take note that it might also come with risks.

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