4 Ways to Tone up Your Post-Baby Belly

As a new mum, you’re probably getting used to quite a lot of changes happening everywhere around you. Your little bundle of joy is here, and even though you’ve probably lost some weight, that persistent wobbly belly just won’t go away. When you’re pregnant, you might feel as if all of the weight of a child is in your stomach region, but some experts say that this is not the case. Baby’s weight is evenly distributed throughout your body.

Anyone who wants to flatten their belly knows just how hard this can be, even before you have a child. This happens due to the fact that women generally have the tendency to collect fat in the abdominal region, so making your belly strong and flat can be challenging no matter what. With all this in mind, you are a mother and the better you feel about yourself the better you’ll tend to your child’s needs. If you think it’s time to say goodbye to that soft tummy, these are some of the best practices, so let’s get straight to it.

Take It Slow

Most new mums want to get back in shape as soon as possible. Fitting in those pre-baby skinny jeans might be great for motivation, but you should know that the process of completely losing weight and post-baby belly might take up to a year and longer. The reason for such a slow recovery is because your abdominal muscles stretch and your uterus is enlarged during pregnancy. Focus on proper nutrition and don’t be hasty. It’s imperative that you consult your doctors before you start working out. In some cases, it shouldn’t happen before the first six weeks after delivering a baby, so take your time and replenish your body, before you start hanging out at the gym.

Breastfeeding Can Help

Breast milk is probably the best possible food there is for your baby. Breast milk has more than 400 different nutrients, hormones, and immunity enhancers, and on top of it all it adjusts to your baby’s needs. Breastfeeding your child helps with baby’s cognitive development and it boosts their immune systems. The reason why breastfeeding is great for you and your soft tummy is that women who breastfeed their babies lose weight a lot faster than those mums who don’t. Regular breastfeeding sessions take up to 300 calories a day in the first 6 months of baby’s development. The process of breastfeeding also contracts the uterus to the pre-baby size, so it helps with your belly shape and size.

Get Enough Sleep

After you’ve given birth, your body has a lot of recovering to go through. Proper diet and exercise combined with the care for your child can be a huge step forward, but one thing that’s really essential is to get enough sleep. A solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night affects your hormones in the best possible way and it helps with regulating your metabolism. With optimal sleeping hours, your body burns fat in the most productive way during the day, so try to avoid sleep deprivation as much as you can, as it will only make it harder for you to get your pre-baby tummy back. All easier said than done, granted!

Exercise, But Don’t Rush It

Once your doctors have given you the all clear and you are ready to start exercising, don’t go all in right away. It is understandable that you’re eager to get back in shape as soon as possible, but if you rush it, there are various problems that may occur. Sometimes, during the hard pregnancy and delivery, abdominal muscles can tear. Losing weight rapidly makes it harder for those muscles to reconnect together. Another, the more aesthetical issue appears when you gain and lose your weight in a fast manner. Because of the stretching of the skin, a lot of women tend to get stretch marks. Experts from a leading plastic surgery clinic in Newcastle emphasize the importance of proper exercise as a way to slowly reduce those stretch marks, but in some specific cases, their help is necessary. Pilates, pelvic tilts, reverse crunches, and planking are just some of the types of exercises which have given the best results in post-baby workout practices.

Final Thoughts

These practices have proven useful numerous times all over the planet. Fighting with the soft pillow of a post-baby belly is a challenge every woman who gave birth has to go through. But the most important thing for a new mother is that your baby is healthy and that you’re enjoying your time with your child. You shouldn’t rush into getting fit at any cost, focus on the most precious period of your baby’s life instead, and use those happy thoughts to help you achieve your goals.

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