5 Foods That Enhance Your Workout

There are many foods we can eat that will help us perform better at sports and life, but they will also help us perform better at the gym. Many people take pre-workout supplements to boost their energy and performance levels, but there are foods already found in nature that have the same benefits and are healthier in other ways than just exercise. Here are five foods you should implement into your diet to perform better when you workout.


Nuts contain the proteins and calories necessary to help you build muscle mass. Because they are high in fat, they are a great pre-workout snack. About 25 minutes before you leave for the gym, have some nuts to get all the ingredients you need to sculpt your muscles. One of the best ways to get this important food inside your system is to eat trail mix. Trail mix not only offers nuts, but dried fruit as well, which is another pre-workout staple as they contain a lot of simple carbohydrates.


Oatmeal is the exercise guru’s staple dish. Oats contain Vitamin B, which converts carbs into energy and oats have a lot of carbs. Oats also break down in your system slower, so your body is creating and burning energy at a more consistent level, which means that your stamina will be longer and more even as you workout. If you are doing long distance runs or doing a longer workout at the gym, have some oatmeal for breakfast before you head out for your exercise regimen to get the most out of your body.


Coffee is not only good to have as you start your day, but the health benefits of coffee may surprise you. Coffee has been linked to prevent cancer in your liver, and it is also good for your mental health as a mood booster. Aside from giving you the caffeine boost of energy you need to have a better performance at the gym, coffee is also a natural fat burner. As you work out, you are not only going to burn fat from your workout, but you will get an extra boost in fat burning from your morning cup of joe.

Greek Yogurt

There are lots of yogurts on the market, but Greek yogurt is the best. Greek yogurt has less sodium than regular yogurt and double the protein. The protein from Greek yogurt also stays in your system longer which means your muscles have more protection as you work out, which will help prevent strains and tears. If you mix some fruit in with your yogurt, the combination enhances the benefits and is a great source of fuel as you pump iron.

Hard Boiled Eggs 

Eggs are a great source of protein and protein is what you need while you are working out to build muscle mass and have high amounts of energy. Before hitting the gym, have a hard boiled egg or two and you will see the benefits when you are exercising.

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