5 Tips To Finding A High Quality Bike Cover

If you’re a cyclist you’ll know what I mean when I say your bike is valuable. Whether you use it for exercise, as a means of transportation, cycle it as a sport, or ride it with your loved ones for bonding and fun, you need to store your bike properly and look after it well. Using a bike cover is a great way to do this, but how do you go about choosing the right one?

Here are 5 tips that will help you on your quest to find a high-quality bike cover:

Determine Whether You Need It For Indoor Or Outdoor

If you plan on storing your bike indoors, you may want to get a cover that protects it from dust. If you store your bike outside on the other hand, you may opt for a cover that’s waterproof to help protect it from the rain. The cover should also be designed to prevent damage by UV rays from the sun.

Check On Breathability

When shopping for a bike cover, you may want to consider getting one that is breathable, the reason being that air tends to collect inside the bike cover when you’ve covered your bike with it. If this air isn’t let out, your bike may develop rust, get mouldy, have some fungus growing on it, or even get damaged by water.

A breathable cover will allow heat and condensed vapour to escape, safeguarding your bike from all of these destructive things. There is nothing as disheartening as finding your bike covered with rust after storing it for a long time without riding it. A breathable cover will do the work right.

Check On The Size

Bike covers are designed for different bike shapes and sizes. As such, it would be wise to know the size of your bike and match it with the right cover. Measure your bike’s height from the ground up, its length from the front to the rear tyre, as well as the width.

A good rule of thumb is to get a cover that’s bigger in size. Sizes vary from one brand to another. You can always confirm the size ranges available from the size charts provided. Check the maximum size of each cover and work backwards to get the right fit for your bike.

Check On The Cover’s Material

Bike covers are made from different material types which vary in different aspects, such as the level of protection the material offers, the thickness, and weight. Materials that are high quality are usually waterproof and lightweight. Such a material is good since it allows water to drop off when falling on it.

Covers made of thick material fabrics are also good. They perform equally well as the lightweight covers, however the downside is that they can be quite heavy to handle.

Check On The Price

A bike cover is meant to protect your bike which is an important valuable possession to you. When purchasing one, don’t go for the cheapest as a means of convenience, instead choose one that is high quality, is the right size, has the best material, and has a good warranty offer attached to it.

Essentially, you want a cover that offers you value for money. It would be so disappointing to get a cheap cover that lacks the important features and still have your bike develop rust and get water damage. Get a cover at a price range that offers all important qualities and features.


With these tips in mind, you are now ready to make a purchase. Here’s a trusted source to purchase a high-quality bike cover from.

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