5 Tips To Maintain An Active Lifestyle

Maintaining an active lifestyle in this digital age can be daunting, according to Dr. Daniel Gusberti expert family physician.

With the advent of technology, it is easy to get inundated by social media, work, and sedentary habits. These challenges explain why millions across the globe battle chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

This blog will expound on five primary ways to help anyone maintain an active lifestyle and stay fit.

Exercising Healthy Eating Habits

Dr. Daniel Gusberti advises people to have regular healthy eating habits to reduce the risk of contracting long-term illnesses. Due to our busy schedules, it is easy to consume unhealthy foods because of lack of time. One approach is to plan your meals in advance and incorporate good portions of fruits and vegetables. When cooking, you can use healthy fats in moderation to help with cholesterol

You can do bulk shopping and preserve your food to compensate for busy days. Take advantage of seasonal foods and fruits because they have good nutritional value. If you want a snack, you can have fruit instead of a cake, etc.

Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer.

Keep Moving

Moving doesn’t have to be intense and tedious. You can choose what kind of movements you want. Yoga, cycling, walking, and taking stairs instead of an elevator are fantastic types of movements you can implement. The idea is to keep moving to increase your heart rate to reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, it helps you stay fit, thus reducing the risk of obesity.

Drink Safe Water

There are tons of benefits you get from drinking water. Our bodies need water to function well, notes Dr. Daniel Gusberti. When you hydrate well, your brain stays active. Thus, you get better sleep and continue your daily activities without feeling tired and exhausted.

Go For Check-Ups

The best way to arrest any disease is to have an early diagnosis. A regular check-up gives you the freedom to get treatment early.The frequency of checkups depends on your age group. However, you can always seek medical advice if you feel unwell before your checkup date.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

According to Dr. Daniel Gusberti, to maintain your mental health

  • Take time for activities you enjoy
  • Talk to someone when you feel overwhelmed
  • Consider relaxing activities like meditation and yoga
  • Avoid using chemicals for coping eg alcohol or other drugs


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often common sense.Β  Making good decisions for your physical and mental wellbeing now, can help prevent chronic disease in the long run.

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