5 Tips for Transforming Your Home into a Relaxation Haven

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Owning a home means having your own little corner of the world where you can unwind in private. Your home can be a personal yoga studio, meditation site, or just a place where you can embrace relaxation. Because after working hard, you deserve a peaceful environment to come home to. That’s what being home means. To transform your house into a relaxation haven, here are our five essential tips.

Embrace Minimalism

It’s a simple saying: declutter your house, declutter your mind. But is this really how it works? According to the millions of people who swear by Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, yes. Following simple guidelines of whether to keep or discard an item in your house will lead to a decluttering revolution.

When you pick up an object, ask yourself a simple question. Does this spark joy? If the answer is yes, keep it and put it on display. If it doesn’t, it’s time to discard.

Picking Your Theme

Jot down a list of objects and activities you associate with the word “relaxation.” Maybe that’s certain plants, colours, textures, or hobbies. Whatever it is, let your mind wander and keep writing. Once you’re done, examine your list and identify some patterns. This is how you can create your theme.

If you wrote down words like campfires, trees, and nature, your relaxation haven might do wonders with some rich, earthy browns and a fireplace as a centerpiece for the living room. If instead, you thought of clouds, tanning by the pool, and shopping with friends, bright colours might be your speed.

Shop For Your Theme

Once you’ve identified your theme, the next step is to associate furniture, wall hangings, and small décor pieces with that theme.

  • Furniture – Do you want a large and comfy couch for everyone to gather on and watch a movie? Or would you rather incite conversation in your living room? What furniture you buy and where you place it will determine the way the room functions.
  • Plants Bring green into your home. Plants naturally clean the air and give your home an eco-friendly vibe.
  • Artwork – Attend local art showings and check any nearby farmer’s markets. These are two great places to buy high-quality art that’s affordable and tasteful.
  • Renovations – Don’t be afraid to renovate different areas of your home. Combining two rooms or raising the ceiling can give your home that spacious, comfortable feel.

Lead With The Nose

Keeping your house clean and smelling fresh is important for embracing relaxation. To push this idea one step further, scenting your home can evoke certain emotions and bring a sense of intention into your space. Try lighting a few scented candles or create your own. Candles, perfumes, and soaps can all be made with essential oil blends.

  • Vanilla – There’s a familiar sweetness to vanilla. Nostalgia and comfort are intertwined with this scent.
  • Hibiscus – For a confident, floral scent, try adding a touch of hibiscus to your home.
  • Jasmine – Known for its down-to-earth tones, jasmine can calm you into a meditative state almost immediately.
  • Lemon – For a zesty, clean aroma, try adding lemon or other citrus blends.

Growing Your Haven

It’s vital to beautify both the inside and the outside of your home. Nurturing a garden can bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your life. Growing flowers means having fresh handpicked bouquets to decorate your kitchen. Small trees can be brought indoors to give your home some clean air. And fruits and vegetables can be one way to introduce a healthy diet into your life.

For getting started in your garden, here are some tips:

  • Lay the foundation – The first step in embracing a new garden to set the scene. Carve out space where plants have room to grow and aren’t overcrowded.
  • Fresh soil – Some homes come with dirt healthy enough to start planting. If you’re not sure, visit your local garden shop to buy nutrient-dense soil.
  • Starters or seeds – Seeds are harder to grow and depend on the right combination of sunlight and water. If you’re new to gardening, buy a few starters.
  • Set up irrigation – Either you can water your plants every day, or you can set up an irrigation system to automate the watering for you.
  • Continue learning – Once you start gardening, you’ll notice there is no limit to what your garden can become. Maybe you start with flowers and eventually expand to fruits and vegetables. Embrace any new ideas. Remember, gardening is meant to be fun.

Time to Relax

Once you’ve transformed your house to your liking, the only thing left to do is take a deep breath and relax. Cultivating a tranquil state of mind is difficult in such a fast-paced society. Having a calm, stress-free environment to come home to is just one way to make that a little easier.

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