5 Ways To Elevate Your Energy And Cleanse Your Body This Summer

As we’re expecting more warmer days to come our way, and the world is still in a health crisis, there’s no better moment than the present to focus on your own wellbeing and restore your mental, emotional, and physical health. Consider this your own wellness summer cleansing initiative that will help you stay grounded, resilient, and vibrant in the months to come, and to make the most of this sizzling season.

Whether you’re dealing with lack of energy, haphazard sleeping patterns, unstructured diet, or lack of motivation to be active, we have complied a list of steps you can take to boost your energy and bring yourself out of the winter rut and into the summer zeal. With the following steps, you’ll detoxify your entire body and mind, have a surplus of energy, and maintain a positive mindset to make the most of the warm months that lie ahead.

Less Digital, More Mindfulness

It’s reasonable to want to stay informed and follow the unravelling of the global situation, but it’s not healthy to over-consume digital content every day. You likely spend a portion of your day working from home, online, and then you interact with people you love, but you need to schedule these activities properly, so that you can disconnect from your gadgets and spend some time immersed in your own inner world.

It all starts with mindfulness: to be present in the given moment, to calm yourself with breathing, and to root yourself in the now, you should use affirmations and controlled breathing exercises with mindful meditation. This will help you steer clear of too much online negativity while you stay reasonably informed.

Start Your Morning With Yoga

Deep stretches are known to help reduce muscle tension, help you increase your flexibility and mobility, while twists gently massage your internal organs and aid your built-in detoxing mechanisms to work more efficiently. All of that is possible with regular yoga sessions, and you can start your mornings with a simple yoga routine.

This will quickly revitalize your body, give you focus and sharpness of mind, and you’ll be able to start your day with more energy to be productive and positive.

Amplify Your Nutrition

In addition to rest and physical activity, nourishment is the third most essential pillar of wellbeing, especially for active women. You cannot expect your summer cleansing plan to work entirely if you leave this one step out, hence the need to rethink your menu. For starters, try abandoning those harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and sugar, all of which can wreak havoc on any woman’s hormones, energy, and weight.

Moreover, make sure that your diet is well-balanced and supplement with nutritious protein shakes for women made with immune-boosting ingredients to keep you energized and satiated for hours. With flavourful meals packed with vitamins, minerals, and balanced macronutrients, you can help your body cleanse properly and maintain healthy energy levels for all activities of your day.

Let Your Body Cleanse With Water

Although you may feel that coffee is the best way to lift your spirits and keep your energy high, it’s counterproductive to sip on too much caffeine when you should hydrate your body with water, tea, and natural juices instead. Primarily, aim to use fresh water as well as warm water amplified with freshly-squeezed lemon, or cucumber slices.

Water is the main ingredient your body needs to flush out toxins naturally and to make the most of every nutritious meal you consume. You’ll eliminate those sugar cravings when you hydrate properly, you’ll avoid headaches, and especially women will feel much more energized upon introducing lemon water into their morning routine.

Get Your Sun Time

To get your daily dose of vitamin D, to keep those winter blues at bay, and to promote a positive mindset, you need to spend some time in the sun every day – with proper sun protection, of course, to keep your skin safe. If you have a backyard, you can even do your morning yoga outside and enjoy the fresh air paired with your exercise session.

Enough sunlight every day promotes numerous processes in your body, including bone health, immune strength, elevated mood and energy, and it helps keep your sleep schedule consistent and healthy.

Life might be more challenging right now considering the world-wide circumstances, but your energy is in your own hands, and there is so much you can do to heal yourself, cleanse, and start every day afresh. Let these tips guide you in the months to come, and make sure that you have your own self-care routine based on these and other healthful steps, so that you can overcome any challenge and grow stronger with self-love.

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  1. says: Louise Cordet

    Thank you for the inspiring article! I’ve always wanted to change something in my life and I think summer is a great time to start developing new habits!
    I think I’ll start with yoga. I already practice meditation as a way to get rid of stress, but I’ve never done yoga regularly.

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