5 Ways To Help Your Teenage Daughter Through An Unplanned Pregnancy

Your teenage daughter is pregnant. This is not what you imagined for her life and you worry for her future. Here are the five things you can do once you learn of your daughter’s unplanned pregnancy Des Plaines, IL.

Be Supportive

Your daughter likely already knows you are shocked or disappointed with the news, and telling her so repeatedly will do nothing positive for the situation. As hurt, angry and upset as you are right now, remember that she is going through the most difficult and frightening time in her life as well. Be there for your daughter through the initial emotional shock and help her along the way with practical steps like informing the baby’s father or seeking medical advice.

Know Your Options

Although abortion is an option in many states, there are plenty of other paths for young mothers who choose life. One popular option to consider is open adoption which means placing the baby with a loving family while you and your daughter still maintain some level of contact. She may also choose to keep her baby, and that’s something your family can work on figuring out together. Ask for help from the experts, such as those at Guys & St Thomas. Although you worry about what her future will look like if she raises the child herself, it’s important to remember is that your daughter’s plans aren’t ruined, but rather they’re temporarily delayed or changed a little.

Find Pregnancy Resources

One of the worries you may have for your daughter is how she’ll support her new baby when she’s not yet able to support herself. The good news is there is plenty of help available like government medical assistance and from charitable organizations that help young mothers with supplies like diapers, clothing, and formula. She may also receive help with higher education expenses in the future, and you can help her research the different avenues where she can find help. Another option may be to let both your child and grandchild remain in the family home for care and support while your daughter finishes school and becomes financially secure on her own.

Reach Out To Others

Chances are you know at least one person in your church or social circle who has been through this before. Don’t be afraid to reach out to find someone who can help you navigate this new world. You might be surprised to learn how many people were themselves young parents or who have gone through it with their own daughters. People are often eager to share the hard lessons they learned to help others, so seek out that kind of valuable wisdom wherever you can.

Enjoy Your Grandchild

It’s easy to overlook the most joyful aspect of an unplanned pregnancy when you first hear the news, but don’t forget that you are also becoming a grandparent. It may not have happened in exactly the order you hoped it would, but there’s no joy in the world like gazing into the eyes of your daughter’s baby. You brought her into the world, and now you can help her bring the next generation of your family into the world.

As you already know, becoming a mother is challenging but is the most rewarding experience in life. No matter that this was an unplanned pregnancy, you and your daughter will make it through together with the right information and outlook.

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