My 1992 Teenage Diary: Where It All Began

Over Christmas I had a chance to have a bit of a tidy up and what should I unearth? Only my 1992 teenage diary! Yep just when you thought my teenage diary was a thing of the past, up pops this little beauty 🙂

Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up too much, as it looks like I only bothered writing in it up until April, and the entries are very short – partly because of the space given for each day. But none the less I thought some of you might be interested in having a read. I also thought I’d add in a few annotations where I see fit, so keep a look out for the bold bits in brackets for a bit of added modern day sarcasm (it’s what I do best…. hang on, I haven’t started yet! 😉 )

If nothing else it’ll give you some escapism from this crazy world for a moment or two. I hope you enjoy another look back into my teenage diary!

Wednesday 25th December 1991

Today is Christmas! (no shit Sherlock) I received a lot of presents and enjoyed myself thoroughly (what is this, a Jane Austen novel, jeez) It’s hard to think that next Christmas I’ll be at Christmas.

(Also what kind of diary starts before January!?!?)

Thursday 26th December 1991

Boxing Day is here. We didn’t go to a pantomime this year. Personally I found them a bit babyish. I think I’m finally growing up.

Friday 27th December 1991

Next week I’ll be at school again and my next door neighbour is just going to start there. I hope she’s nice. Her parents are weird.

Saturday 28th December 1991

Today we went shopping and I spent my ten pounds. Next year I intend to think more of money.

Sunday 29th December 1991

Tidied my room. Cleaned animals.

Monday 30th December 1991

Listened to my tapes today. I keep thinking about this book that I read called ‘Trick or Treat’ (part of the Point Horror book series – I devoured these when I was a teen). I really got into it. I liked the thought of Blake (ah OK, so maybe I wasn’t so into the literary techniques, more the fictional totty!)

Tuesday 31st December 1991

I looked up ‘contrary’ and found it meant ‘completely different’ (think I went through a phase of feeling like I should self educate myself by learning a new word everyday… I was a bit of a geek like that). I had science homework, which was boring but I have to stick at it for a vet (this was what I wanted to be when I was older at this point).


Wednesday 1st January 1992

My New Year’s Resolutions are:

  • Don’t pick my toenails (why oh why was this on my resolutions every year… such a skank)
  • Do homework on night get
  • Don’t pick nose (wow!)
  • Try to be good
  • Try to be nice to brother.

Thursday 2nd January 1992

I think my hamster Hammie (original) is going to die soon. Today or maybe at night. I hope she isn’t in pain. I shall remember her always.

Friday 3rd January 1992

I was right. Hammie died last night. Kim was looked after by someone else and not by me. The best news is I’m getting another hamster. (Hammie who?)

Saturday 4th January 1992

I got a new hamster today called Muffin (wow you don’t hang around, Hammie’s barely cold in his grave) When he grows up he will be long haired.

Sunday 5th January 1992

Played darts and lost.

Monday 6th January 1992

Called for Kim and saw Sam her cat. Kim is going out with Percy. She kissed him behind the bus stop.

Tuesday 7th January 1992

Kim’s still going out with Percy (well yeah duh, it has only been a day) but nearly dumped him. Didn’t like Ursula today and nearly told her. Ha ha.

Wednesday 8th January 1992

Mary didn’t seem to like us any more (me, Arabella, Petunia). She said I sucked up to Arabella, but she should see herself and what she does.

Thursday 9th January 1992

The Science test was called off so I have more time to revise. Mary likes me again but I despise Ursula.

Friday 10th January 1992

Today I found out that A was going to a football week so I will get £150. I don’t know what to use it on.

Saturday 11th January 1992

Today I went to town and bought a book, some sweets and went to the library.

Sunday 12th January 1992

I have read a book that I got from the library.

Monday 13th January 1992

I had one of my periods and I had to go to the dentist to have my brace tightened. There’s a new girl called Claire (I don’t like).

Tuesday 14th January 1992

Started saving money because Mum’s been saying that money’s a bit tight at the moment and I don’t want to be a poor family. (despite them giving me £150…)

Wednesday 15th January 1992

Had a Science test and Mr Ryan thought I didn’t look very well. Probably the worry of not having much money. Oh well! Life goes on.

Thursday 16th January 1992

Today was OK, but I seem to be losing interest in school – all subjects. I like English, IS (I have no clue what this is), Art, HE, CDT and German. Bye diary (slow news day).

Friday 17th January 1992

Today Mrs Thornton had a go at me and Petunia for bullying Ursula. We knew nothing about it. So I hate Ursula and Mrs Thornton.

Saturday 18th January 1992

Dad’s going to Hong Kong tomorrow. I don’t want him to go. Went to the library, got 3 books.

Sunday 19th January 1992

Back to school tomorrow. Dad went and I missed saying goodbye.

Monday 20th January 1992

Nothing much happened today. I forgot to cut off the ticket in my skirt. Mrs Thornton didn’t say anything. Petunia likes Ursula.

Tuesday 21st January 1992

Had French today and got 21 out of 22 for a test which I thought was v. good. I’m going to refer to Ursula as ‘the cow’ when I write in you (harsh).

Wednesday 22nd January 1992

Had PE and I left my bag at school. The cow is trying to get in the group again because she’s being nice to Arabella and Petunia.

Thursday 23rd January 1992

I forgot my bag yet again. Got a level 6 for Science test and bought the little guineapigs inside in a box (most random sentence ever!) I hope I get my bag.

Friday 24th January 1992

Remembered my bag (thank fuck for that). The guineapigs were out back in the garage because they were only scratching. Hurt my ankle and Percy was teasing me.

Saturday 25th January 1992

Dad comes home tomorrow. I want a typewriter with the £150 so I can send off my stories. Got 5 library books.

Sunday 26th January 1992

Dad’s home. He bought me some cat boxes that fit into each other (still got those boxes).

Monday 27th January 1992

I’m writing stories so that when I get my typewriter I can type them up and send them off. I’m saving up for some A4 paper and books.

Tuesday 28th January 1992

Last night my Great Aunt Vi died of cancer. I thought she was quite nice and hated to see her suffering. I leap frogged over the box in gym.

Wednesday 29th January 1992

I’ve got a cold and it’s really bugging me. I made Melting Moments in HE (christ only knows what delights they are). The funeral is on Monday and I might be going to Grandad’s.

Thursday 30th January 1992

I dissected a lamb’s heart in Science today, I had an awful headache and I hope I can stay home tomorrow. I need bank leaflets and Euro Disney brochures (ummmm why?)

Friday 31st January 1992

Mum had to collect me from school because everyone thought I looked pale (chuck her some Calpol she’ll be fine). I kept going from hot to cold, sore neck, cough, blocked nose (ain’t got shit on covid love).

I’ll be back next month with February’s teenage diary entries and in the meantime I’m going to have a little peek into my 1995 teenage diary and check whether I can handle the cringe… as I’m sure you can imagine, things start to get ramped up in the boy department, and my mum reads this! (But come on, I share everything don’t I, so I reckon the odds are good 😉 )

Love this? Then why not have a read of my 1993 and 1994 diaries!

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