6 Pointers For Designing Your Own Outfit

Browsing the clothing racks at your favourite store has left you feeling unenthused. The outfit you’re envisioning isn’t available anywhere. That isn’t such a bad thing, though – you’ll just have to design it yourself!

With the proper training in fashion design and development, this kind of undertaking wouldn’t be so intense. But you want to try creating a look all on your own for the first time.

Moving forward, start with these six pointers for designing your own outfit. It may be tough, but it’s worth it when everything’s said and done. Ready to get started?

Let’s bring your vision to life!

1. Take Up Sketching

You don’t have to be a pro artist to design an appealing outfit. However, you should put pen to paper before you start creating a look of your own.

Begin with a good croquis, or a model form onto which you’ll draw your envisioned clothing. Find a shape that looks like yours so that you can adapt the look to your figure. Many fashion designers use the same croquis every time they sketch, so hold onto yours. Then, trace over it every time you want to make an idea more concrete.

Don’t be afraid to sketch and re-sketch until you have a good representation of your outfit.

2. Create A Pattern

You shouldn’t start slicing and dicing your fabrics once you have a sketch. Instead, you’ll want to have a pattern that you can trace, cut out and sew to create your garment of choice.

It’s not impossible to learn to pattern, although you will probably have to begin with quite basic garments first. You can also hit up your local craft store. There, you might find a pattern that matches the silhouette of what you want to create. Using a store-bought pattern doesn’t mean you haven’t designed your own outfit. It just helps you complete the vision.

3. Choose Fabrics

Now it’s time to think about the fabric(s) you’ll need to create your outfit. If it’s your first time sewing, most experts recommend that you start with a 100 percent cotton fabric. It’s famously easy to work with and it’s forgiving with mistakes. On the other hand, try to avoid more delicate fabrics such as satin and kits.

You probably envisioned your DIY outfit in a particular pattern or colour. If you need inspiration in that department, consider the message that particular colours convey. In a suit, for instance, black makes a powerful statement for those in leadership roles. Meanwhile, navy blue conveys self-confidence. Because of this, some say it’s the best colour to wear for an interview.

4. Develop Your Sewing Skills

Now you have the fabric and patterns you need to create your outfit. You just have to sew it all together.

Your best bet is to invest in a sewing machine if you don’t already have one. Stitching together small items might be simple with a needle and thread. You probably don’t want to spend hours hand-sewing your envisioned look, though.

It’s not just about sending fabric beneath the sewing machine’s needle. You will have to learn particular stitching methods, such as the dart. When executed properly, the dart gathers fabric without visible stitching.

On top of that, you’ll want to hone your pinning and pattern-transferring skills. All of these small details will make sewing simpler. Your final product will come out polished, too.

5. Accessorize

Once you have your finished pieces, you can tie everything together with accessories. You’ve already crafted a look that reflects your personal style. However, accessories take that individualization to another level.

You might already have the accessories you need in your closet. Think of your look from head to toe. What jewellery and shoes will you wear? Do you need a belt or a handbag? You might want to throw on a hat, scarf or watch, as well.

6. Share Your Skills

Now that you’ve designed your own outfit, you might have friends asking you to help them do the same. You can expand your fashion empire with websites and apps that allow you to design, construct and even sell the garments you envision.

For instance, you could create an Etsy virtual storefront to sell your creations. The site allows for custom orders, too, should a client want a personalized garment from you.

You could also start your own website or even an Instagram page to share your design prowess with others. Social media advertising is a great tool in today’s day and age — the more followers you have, the more orders will roll in.

But First, Design Your Own Outfit

Of course, advertising your fashion house will be something you do down the line. For now, you just want to create an outfit of your own.

With these six steps, you’re well on your way to doing just that. So get creative and get started! You might surprise yourself with the one-of-a-kind garment you make.

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