Top Study Applications For Medical University Students

Medical university students undergo some of the most challenging work in the world, which involves studying the prevention of diseases and the treatment of chronic illnesses. For this reason, medical students require any possible assistance to ensure successful learning.

Now, memorizing concepts is one of the learning processes which have soon been initiated with the use of smartphones, laptops, and also tablets. This equipment plays a huge part in modern treatment methods to allow easy access to data, reference materials, and calculations.

Smartphones remain an indispensable gadget for learning in contemporary medicine. As a result of the use of these smart gadgets, there are some study applications for med students that are accessible on iOS and Android. The following are the applications:


This app is one of the best and most useful to medical students. If you are searching for an app to help keep databases of drug information, then Lexicomp should be a priority. Also, there is medicine dosage, natural products, diagnostics and lab procedure, toxicology, among other uses.

It works as a reference aid for information. This app is based on subscriptions, and it is expensive. However, many institutions usually acquire subscriptions that are renewable from time to time. It is an iOS app that can be used on Android gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.


Kenhub is designed to offer you high quality anatomy education by utilizing expert educators with multiple effective and successful study methods. Using the app can provide you anatomy help at home or on the go. They offer expert knowledge to help you stand out in your human anatomy classes. Whether you’re doing homework, preparing for an exam, or reviewing as a pro this service reigns supreme in anatomy.
As an aspiring or current medical student you know it can be very difficult studying and learning anatomy. Using this service will really give a boost for you to do well in quizzes and tests. They offer practice quizzes, videos, interactive tools, eBook, and more. Also, being trusted by medical students at Harvard, Cambridge and UCL gives them great credibility.


Do you want to run a test on your diagnosis, knowledge of treatments, and medical testing? Then use the Prognosis application. It works like a game app by allowing students to test themselves and learn from the mistakes they have made, mostly in a less risky environment.

The application will be of great assistance in making decisions by using real-life patients’ situations. After that, it offers a full breakdown of the patient’s condition and the progress of your efforts as compared to ideal treatment. The application provides highly reliable and accurate medical information from experts that offer “write my essay for me” help for students.


Medicine is such a huge and wide course that requires intensive studying of concepts comprehensively. One of the best applications that can prove useful for medical university students is Brainscape. It is a flashcard system operating online, and it utilizes confidence base repetition methods to adjust learning speeds.

A student can create a desk and share it with classmates. So, it is a useful collaborative application tool in learning hormones, drug diagnosis and diseases, and other intensive subject notes.

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D

This application helps students to see body muscles, joints, and human anatomy in 3D details. It lists the body muscles, which are 145 by their name, origin, the supply of nerves, and insertions. It also allows students to manipulate bone and major joints. You can as well view how the body muscle contracts and the internal joint movements. Students can learn more and faster about human anatomy, together with videos, images, and other animations. All these make this application indispensable for medical students. It can be used on Android, Windows, and iOS.

3M Littman SoundBuilder

This app is available for free and is used on iOS. It runs under the management of 3M Company that develops a medical stethoscope. A Soundbuilder works to improve the auscultation knowledge and skills for university students and all clinicians. It has 14 lessons that provide skills on heart sounds by the use of the following:

  • Virtual mannequin
  • 3D animations of the heart in action
  • Dynamic worms
  • Headphones to help in differentiating a healthy heart and a sick one.

iSurf BrainView

This application utilizes the neuroimaging info on provided images to assist students in learning more about the MRI and the neuroanatomy. The automatic segmentation tool helps in providing images to conduct effective study. The application has a zoom tool to help students identify different body structures, develop notes, and other functionalities. It works like an MRI teacher in the pockets and useful for any student in neuroscience. It is only used on iOS.


To run a successful CT scan, it takes lots of training in which students have been struggling while staring at machine screens and reference books. They always try to understand what to say about whatever they see on the images. This app is aimed at helping students get a learning and educative tool in radiology. There are extensive explanations on every case for what you see and their meanings. It utilizes a lot of images to assist students to interpret correctly.

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