Fitness On The Go: 7 Items You Need to Pack In Your Travel Fit Kit

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For people who take their fitness seriously, traveling can be quite a challenge since it’s not easy to practice healthy habits on the road. Being consistent and maintaining a workout routine is far simpler in everyday life, but traveling doesn’t mean that your healthy lifestyle should be on hold. Although vacations or business trips inevitably involve the occasional slip-up, especially when it comes to local cuisine and lack of time to burn those calories properly, a smart fitness devotee will easily dodge traveling traps. All it takes is a good plan and well-packed travel fit kit.

Here are a few must-pack items that will help you stay in shape during travel.

Workout Clothes

Even though you can work out in your hotel room wearing nothing but underwear, having your workout clothes will keep you motivated and therefore more committed to your routine. Our clothes play a big role since ”dressing for success” is a powerful hack that mentally prepares us for exercising. Pack your favorite leggings and make sure to bring some light sneakers that won’t take much space in your luggage. Also, make sure to have a laundry bag to separate your sweaty workout clothes from a clean one.

Yoga Mat

Having an exercise mat with you will allow you to work out almost anywhere. Workout surface should be strong and soft to make workout sessions comfortable, especially when exercising outdoors. When choosing the right yoga mat, look for products that are lightweight, durable and easy to pack. There are handy, foldable mats that will save you a lot of space. Also, make sure that your workout surface is sticky enough to prevent sliding around.


Make the most of the hotel pool or afternoon pool parties in your rented villa. Swimming is a perfect physical activity that gives an effective workout to the entire body, including your core. It is a low impact activity that keeps your joints safe as it improves flexibility, strength and burns calories. If swimming is not part of your workout routine, don’t push too hard because even though water is relaxing, you can easily end up with sore muscles.

Exercise Bands

Although you may wish to maintain your exercise routine while being away, try to be practical and improvise. Carrying a set of hand weights on a plane is just absurd, so turn to next best thing – resistance bands. They will help you to tone and strengthen different muscle groups. Most importantly, resistance bands are portable and cheap. You can pack a whole set of exercise bands in your carry-on bag.

Balance Disc

A balance disk or wobble disc is a fabulous piece of equipment that you can use as a base for stretching as well as for balance and core exercises. They are perfect for exercising while traveling since they are small, inexpensive and portable. It comes with a small air pump, and you can easily inflate it or deflate it any time you want. Also, you can use a balance disc as a seat cushion which can be quite useful, especially if it is a long flight.

Active Vacation Gear

Easily portable and lightweight, folding bikes are great for active vacations. However, fitness gear is not all you’ll need. Find out more about your destination and plan your activities accordingly. For instance, if you are into hiking or cycling, plan your safe routes to avoid possible incidents or injuries. Also, it is highly recommendable to have travel insurance, as well as to ensure proper legal help from trustworthy accident claim lawyers in case you need it.

Your Phone

We live in the age of technology, and yes, there are apps for everything. Including travel workout apps. If you happen to find it hard to organize, exercise and track your progress, worry not because these apps will be a perfect companion on the road. There is no need to hire a coach since all it takes is a simple download and you’ll be ready to go. There are different apps for all kinds of training including bodybuilding, running, cycling, Pilates, yoga or quick workouts. However, hard work is still only up to you.


Staying in good shape while traveling may seem difficult, but it is not impossible. Strong will, a little bit of organising and a few key items from your travel kit will keep you fit wherever you go. Depending on the destination, it should be fairly easy to make a fitness part of your travel plan. There are plenty of hotels that include a swimming pool and a gym, or at least have one nearby. Combine exercise and sight-seeing, walk instead of renting a car and always opt for healthy food. In the end, don’t set unrealistic goals and don’t be too hard on yourself. Be moderate, but remember to enjoy yourself on a journey. Take time to relax, indulge, taste and feel the destination since no vacation lasts forever.

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