8 Steps that Will Bring Your Family Closer Together

We all know those families that completely drifted apart once kids moved out. If the idea of hearing from your family only for Christmas and birthdays is very sad and scary for you, now is the right time to start doing things that will bring your closer. These few tricks will create a stronger bond that won’t be destroyed by distance or lack of time.

Build A Family Tree

How much do you personally know about your ancestors? You probably know your grandparents, but what about their grandparents? Unfortunately, it only takes a few generations for people to be forgotten, but you can avoid that in your family. Build a detailed family tree with your children and create a strong bond with your bloodline. Plus, digging around for ancestors is really fun, especially checking out what they did for a living and where they grew up.

You could always set up a digital scrapbook of your findings so that you can create your very own personalised book of memories that the rest of the family can add to and enjoy.

Eat Together

Every family has crazy schedules and a lot of conflicts when it comes to them, but you can always find time to sit down and eat dinner together. No TV, no phones, just your family sharing experiences about their individual days. On Sundays, you can even invite extended family over and bond with your grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives.

Go Camping

If you have memories of spending a lot of time in nature as a kid, grab some camping gear and go camping with your family. There are so many new things kids can discover in nature, and creating new experiences together is a great way to bond. Even sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows will allow you to share stories, sing songs and enjoy tasty treats together which is always nice.

Go On A Road Trip

No matter where you live, you can always sit in your car and hit the road with your family. Bonding is much easier when everyone is stuck in a car, chatting, giving directions and taking care of their own little road trip tasks. Some countries like Australia are perfect for road trips, so pack well, grab your Australia’s family travel guide and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. In your guide, you’ll find everything from accommodation to sightseeing recommendation for all major destinations, so you’ll be covered.

Grow A Garden

Teaching kids responsibility in a fun way is one of the best things you can do for them. And if your action of teaching can bring you all together, it’s a must activity for all families. Well, gardening is exactly that: a fun, educational and useful activity that brings people together and improves responsibility. Build a small veggie garden for your kids and take care of it together. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll have a few rotten zucchinis to show for it.


The act of helping people or animals in need is one of the most powerful things in the world. Not only will you help individuals, but you will also get to reap some benefits as a family. Seeing how some people or animals are unfortunate will put things into perspective and make you appreciate what you have when it comes to money, home and people around you.

Have A Family Night

Maybe you really can’t eat dinner together every night due to schedule conflicts, but what you can do is organise one family night a week. You can cook together, set up the table and enjoy stuffing your mouth. When you finish, move to the living room and play a fun board game or watch a funny movie. Essentially, do whatever you want as long as no one backs out when something pops up! Soon you’ll create a family tradition your kids can practice with their families later in life.

Say “I Love You”

Words are very important when it comes to your family. When your significant other says these three magical words, it can fix your entire day! So make sure to let everyone in your family know just how much you love them and cherish their presence. If you can’t share a face-to-face good morning greeting, you can leave messages on the fridge or in their lunchboxes. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, they need to hear that you love them. All kids need to know they are loved by their parents, guardians and siblings and it helps a lot when it comes to preventing problematic behaviours. Sometimes, words can be the first step on the road to strong family relationships. And don’t stop saying I Love You when you’re having conflicts – this is the most important time to state you love them and show that momentary anger doesn’t affect your long-term feelings.

An older mother and her daughter smiling and hugging

Now is the best time to act if you want to prevent your family from drifting apart in the future. Spend as much time as you can bonding with your kids and your partner. When your kids are all grown up and your partner is old, you won’t regret your decision to dedicate more time to them.

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