9 Fun Things Every Couple Should Try

Every couple should have a bucket list. Some normal (and not so normal) things to do together, to keep that bond strong and make some great memories. Maybe you’re in a relationship that needs a bit of a pep up, or maybe you’re just an adventurous couple, constantly in search of new thrills and experiences.

No matter what state your relationship is in, trying new things together instead of binging on Netflix and pizza is what makes life fun and interesting. How family-friendly or X-rated you decide to go with your bucket list, as consenting adults, is up to you. Here are some great ideas for you and your significant other to try, together.

Remember, the more you engage in such moments, the more connection you’ll develop between the two of you. Research has shown that thrilling experiences, such as mountain climbing and other death-defying activities, can lead to an adrenaline rush which, in turn, may strengthen the sexual tension in a couple’s relationship. Are you interested in learning some progressive ideas of sex and intimacy as a whole? Keep reading our article for more information on the same.

Swapping Hobbies

Having separate interests and our own time is a healthy part of any relationship. However, its fun to try out each other’s hobbies, even if it is just once. Perhaps you’ll be able to better yourself, by learning chess, or how to embroider. Or if the hobby is something outdoors, like fishing on a serene lake or frenetic mountain biking down the forest track, you’ll get fresh air and a bit of exercise thrown into the bargain – release those endorphins together!

You might find something new to enjoy, or at the very least you’ll be able to see things from your partner’s perspective. As you would expect, this can have a lot of impact on your relationship, especially when you’re in a disagreement. For instance, if your partner is a sports fan, you can watch one or two matches with them. Doing so might make you empathetic to them whenever their team loses, rather than piling more pressure on them.

Cook Together

Food can be sensuous, romantic and thrilling. But preparing food alone can be a bit of a slog, and takes the fun out of enjoying the meal. So, why not cook together? Break open the wine while you’re cooking, taste the ingredients together, take your time over everything. You could even make spaghetti and have a Lady and the Tramp-Esque kiss. Strike the right chord and things could get steamy…

Get Naughty

Remember sex? That thing couples did before Netflix came along? Getting creative in the bedroom is a great way to spend some time with your partner. Of course, you don’t have to keep things in the bedroom – why not go at it in every room of your house? Even better, alfresco lovemaking in the great outdoors will definitely freshen things up. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you’re all by yourselves in the house before trying these to avoid unnecessary awkwardness.

Many couples enjoy trying out new kinks, from popular sex toys like butt plugs or cock rings, to role-playing, complete with masks and outfits. Let your imagination, and your passion, run wild. It’s worth noting, though, that whichever option you choose to try should be comfortable for both of you. For instance, some partners are not huge fans of outdoor sex. Therefore, before making any move, make sure you are both on the same page.

Get Into Sexting

Enjoy being a couple even when you’re not together, and carry on being naughty by using your fingertips to send sexy texts to one another. Not only is this fun, but it also means you’ll spend time thinking (and fantasizing) about your partner. And on top of that, you can do it while in a meeting at work or sitting on the bus.

With the current technology, there are many things you can use to add more fun to your sexting experience. For example, you might include a photo or a meme just to strengthen the tension even further and make your partner fantasize more about you.

Have A Couples Massage

Everyone needs to be pampered once in a while. And what better time to spend with your SO than when you’re at your most relaxed? Couples massages come in all shapes and sizes – full body massage down to a foot massage. Lying side by side with healing hands working wonders on your body is pretty intimate, to say the least. Feeling rejuvenated with your partner will set you up for the day or evening ahead. Why not do a short course and learn to massage each other?


Get out and about and experience something new together. Whether that means heading into nature for camping, hiking or rock climbing, or simply taking a long walk around unfamiliar neighbourhoods in your town or city, it’s always fun to explore new terrain. A new place throws up all kinds of new possibilities – new activities, places to eat, views to take in and shops to shop in.


Read to each other! It’s a surprisingly intimate thing to do, and you can make it just as episodic as streaming a series on Netflix. Take turns reading each chapter, and enjoy the story together. Another good idea is to read the same book, and then talk about it – this can help you understand things from your partner’s perspective, and give you a glimpse at how they see the world. And it’s not a million miles away from being a book club, but not full of people you don’t like. You can still drink wine, eat snacks, and argue about the plot or the characters if you wish.

Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are wasted on kids. Relaxing, sensuous, lazy and calming, they are a great way to get chilled and naked with your SO. Add some music to the mix, some mood lighting and, if you’re feeling opulent, a glass of champagne always hits the spot. Having a long, hot bath together restores harmony and tranquility to both of your lives after a long hard day. As long as you don’t argue about who gets the taps.

Save Up And Dine Out

For many of us, dining at a top restaurant is a rare occurrence. The best way to enjoy the best food is when you’re not worrying about the bill at the end of the meal, so put a little aside for the occasion. A restaurant that offers a taster menu, with multiple small courses and wine pairings is a really romantic option. Alternatively, steak, seafood, and whiskey followed by drinking and dancing usually hit the spot!

A relationship is like a garden – you have to nurture and water it sometimes to enjoy it fully. Drawing up a bucket list and ticking some items off means you can do both things at once.

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