Art of Healthy Living Advent Calendar – Day 15

It’s day 15 of our advent calendar and today we ask you to get outside and go for a run. With all those Christmas parties and no doubt a few mince pies and maybe the odd chocolate or two, we reckon you could do with burning off a few calories ahead of the big day.

But it’s not just that, going out for a run is proven to help lower stress levels, increase your heart rate, improve levels of fitness and just generally make you feel good about yourself.

And we don’t want to hear any excuses like…

  • BUT…I haven’t got time to go out for a run, there’s still so much stuff to get ready for Christmas, I’ve got to get this work finished, I need to look after the kids etc. etc.
  • BUT…I can barely walk without getting out of breath, let alone go for a run!
  • BUT…I’m not built for running.
  • BUT…it’s too cold/dark/wet (delete as appropriate) outside.
  • BUT…everyone will laugh at me huffing and puffing down the street.
  • BUT…I’d rather stay at home and flake out in front of the telly.


Absolutely anyone can run, and OK if you’ve never run before you’re hardly going to go from nothing to Mo Farah the very first time you head out, but just by getting out there and giving it a go you will have managed to overcome the biggest hurdle of all.

And if you’re a runner already..? Well today’s advent calendar challenge will be a doddle!

Remember to check back tomorrow to see what’s behind door 16 of the Art of Healthy Living Advent Calendar.

Missed Day 14? Click here for yesterday’s door.

Get in touch and tell us about your run today!

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