Baebox Boys Subscription Box Review

Do you remember I recently reviewed a couple of gorgeous Baebox subscription boxes for tween and teen girls? Well, guess what…? They’ve only gone and brought one out for the boys!!!

And thanks to the lovely Rosie Shelley, the brains behind the brand, I’ve been sent the very first box to review with my 8 year old son Finlay.

So, the ethos is the same as that behind the girls boxes – kids need a boost every now and again and to be told that they are awesome. And yes boys may well seem a completely different breed to girls sometimes (as a parent of one of each I can deffo vouch for that!), and they may well put a brave face on things and perhaps not show their feelings quite as much as girls, but they are just as sensitive, just as insecure and just as in need of a boost of positivity every once in a while.

Rosie recognised that this was the case and as such has spent time researching loads of fab products to cater for the boys as well. Which brings me on to the exciting task of unboxing the very first Baebox Boys box, a job which of course only seems right for me to pass on to Finlay – you can watch his unboxing vid at the bottom of this post.

What’s Inside?

I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first box, but my goodness there was a whole heap of stuff hiding away in that box. Seriously it was like pulling stuff out of Mary Poppins’s magic carpet bag, it was literally the gift that kept on giving.

Take a look at this lovely lot:

  • 2 x Motivational message cards
  • Sound machine
  • Secret message writing set
  • 2 x Build and fly airplane glider sets
  • Pull back bus eraser
  • 2 x Glow putty
  • Bouncy ball

Finlay’s favourite? The secret message writing set and although he has had similar stuff to this in the past, he still jumped for joy and ripped it straight out of its packaging, before running off to write god only knows what, in fact it’s probably best I don’t know!

Such a great selection of products that is sure to amuse pretty much all boys no matter what they’re into. The sound machine lets you record your voice and change how it sounds, and I suspect will be used by Fin as part of his new ‘spy on my parents’ fascination (seriously we’re our own worst enemy, we recently bought him and his sister a set of walkie talkies – just to add fuel to that fire!). The ball gets an instant thumbs up for looking like an actual basketball. Fin is forever kicking a ball around in the house, much to my great annoyance, but at least this one is smaller than a football (less damage) yet bigger than an average bouncy ball (won’t get lost under the black hole that is the sofa). The glow putty not only glows in the dark, cool in itself, but Fin also reliably informs me that ‘it farts’ as well; you show me one boy who doesn’t think fart are the most hilarious things ever?! And the bus eraser, well that’s going to bring some much needed fun to the endless, boring homework that gets piled on him each week (who else thinks kids get way too much homework these days?), and is bound to annoy me. Which do you know what, is exactly what makes this box so perfect. Because, anything that parents think are annoying and a bit silly, are exactly the kind of things that kids, boys in particular, love.

You only have to watch the video below to see the massive smile on Finlay’s face as he reveals more and more of the treats inside and his only negative thought on it was that it didn’t come with any sweets (I think he was annoyed because the Baebox tween box his sister had received last month came with a packet!).

I personally think that the Baebox Boys box would also be good for girls who perhaps aren’t quite so girly, because my 7 year old daughter seemed quite put out that she hadn’t had any of the cool stuff, like the sound machine, in her box – although she was placated when I reminded her about the sweets.

If you think your son, grandson, nephew or in fact any boy you know could do with a bit of a treat each month, especially with the added stress of exams coming up soon then head on over to the Baebox Boys website to find out more.

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