Bathroom Upgrades For Creating A Relaxing Sanctuary

There’s nothing that adds value and luxury to a home quite like a stunning bathroom. That’s why many homeowners prioritize bathrooms when planning upgrades and remodeling projects. According to experts, bathroom remodels yield the biggest returns in terms of boosting a home’s resale value. Of course, some bathroom upgrades are more valuable than others. Here’s a peek at bathroom upgrades that create a spa-like atmosphere!

Build A Luxury Shower

The shower should be the showstopping feature in a spa-like bathroom. The fastest way to create a high-end shower is to upgrade to a rainfall showerhead. A qualified plumber can help you guide you in selecting and installing luxury shower heads, jets, and other fixtures to upgrade your bathing experience. A frameless shower door is another element that elevates a bathroom. A frameless design also gives homeowners the ability to showcase stone tiles in the shower. Finally, making a shower large enough for a built-in bench creates the opportunity to soak up steam in a true spa-like setting!

Add More Natural Light

A bathroom with ample natural light creates a spa-like setting with the healing powers of natural vitamin D. Large windows allow views and breezes to create a connection with nature. If large windows aren’t ideal because of privacy concerns, skylights can be used to naturally brighten the room with overhead sunshine.

Install Heated Floors

Radiant flooring turns a bathroom into a warm cocoon! These floors replace the harshness of cold tiles with warmth and comfort. While everyone loves heated flooring, people with arthritis or joint issues can truly appreciate the therapeutic benefits of adding this feature to a bathroom.

Prioritize Natural Materials And Neutral Tones

Anyone who has ever visited a spa has probably noticed that they are designed to be sanctuaries for the senses. You won’t find busy patterns or jarring colors in a professional spa. In order to induce calmness, spas are generally designed with natural materials and neutral colors. Soft-tone woods, bamboo, neutral colors, and natural stone are used abundantly to create a space that feels connected to nature and the elements. This is an important concept to keep in mind when selecting vanities, wall colors, and other elements of a spa-inspired bathroom.

Upgrade To White Linens

Swapping out towels and linens with dark colors or busy patterns for all-white fabrics is the easiest and cheapest way to create a spa atmosphere in a bathroom. This is especially important if towels and linens are being displayed in a built-in shelf, doorless pantry, or towel rack. White linens instantly evoke thoughts of cleanliness and peacefulness! It’s also easy to keep white linens in spa-ready condition because stains can be easily bleached away.

Final Thoughts On Making An Everyday Bathroom A Spa Oasis

What’s the secret to making a bathroom the best room in the house? In addition to being a beautiful space, a spa-inspired bathroom is a room that pampers by anticipating your needs. Splurging on the shower, lighting, and materials is the best way to create a space that can relax and transport you.Β 

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