A Beauty Editor’s Secret to Staying Gorgeous at the Gym!

Sometimes the hardest part of working out is getting motivated to hit the gym. Among other things, us ladies are often put off by all the messiness that is associated with workout outfits. We simply don’t feel very attractive in our gym gear.

But there is no reason to give up on exercise when you can easily look your best even while sweating and trying to catch your breath.

Here are my beauty editor’s top secrets to looking gorgeous even whilst you are working out.

Work on Your Hair

Who says you can’t have good-looking hair while working out? A ponytail is a gym classic. If this is a style that suits you, make sure to wear it high. It is a well known fact that guys like to see girls wearing their hair up, because it reveals their athletic side. On the other hand, if you have been wearing your ponytail low, it will only make you sweat more and will stick to your neck making you look untidy.

Work on Your HairTo spice up this look a little bit, wear a headband that matches the colour of your gym outfit. Braids have also made a huge comeback and you can definitely make this trend work for you. Whether it’s a fishtail or a French braid, you will look polished from the beginning to the end of your gym class. If you have a fringe, spray some dry shampoo underneath before you start any exercise. This will help absorb sweat and save you from looking like a sweaty mess!

Avoid Makeup

We strongly advocate against wearing makeup to the gym for two main reasons. First of all, whilst you work out, your pores enlarge. Foundations , concealers, blushers etc. mix with the sweat on your face and this then clogs up the pores, leading to breakouts. The second reason is ‘rundowns’.

Avoid MakeupDo you really want to leave the gym with smudgy panda eyes?

We didn’t think so!

It’s best to take all your makeup off before you hit the gym and wash your face with water. You will look fresh and clean and will not be risking acne issues afterwards.

Remember also to hydrate your lips, since they will get dry from the extra heavy breathing through your mouth. Any vitamin E lip moisturiser will do the trick.

If you really feel naked without makeup, take a makeup bag with you and put it on after you have done all your physical activity.

Control Red Face

Are you one of those girls who looks like they have a severe case of sunburn after only five minutes spent at the gym?

Don’t worry…

You can keep the red face at bay even without the use of layers and layers of heavy makeup. Sometimes simply washing your face with cold water occasionally while you are working out is enough. Another trick is to take a low dose of antihistamine before going to the gym, or apply a red-tinted lip moisturiser to tone down those rosy cheeks.

 Wear the Right Clothes

Even at the gym it is possible to be a trendsetter. Keep in mind, though, that you are there primarily for the workout, so comfort is the number one priority. It’s understandable that you want to show off your gorgeous, athletic body, but super tight clothes may hinder your ability to move. On the other hand, baggy clothes will make you look sloppy and can also get in the way of your workout. It will take a bit of trial and error, but you need to find a balance between the two.

Wear the Right ClothesWhy not try wearing shorts that are just a little loose with a figure-hugging top? Ryderwear has an excellent selection of comfortable, yet fashionable women’s gym clothes. Choose bold colours and fun prints, like pink, orange, lime green, or zebra. There’s so much choice these days, just make sure the colours you wear match your skin tone. If your skin is cool-toned, stay away from browns and oranges, and if it is warm-toned, avoid royal blue and raspberry.


Even if you hate the gym and let’s just say your technique isn’t exactly the greatest, just laugh it off. It will make you feel better and much more confident, and confidence is beautiful. So…


Do you have some workout beauty tricks to share?

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