Best Hospitals To Treat Lung Cancer

Lung cancer accounts for about a quarter of all cancer deaths. In other words, people die from that illness more often than from colon, prostate, and breast cancer combined.

Lung cancer is characterized by steady progression, a tendency to relapse, and rapid and early metastasis. Therefore, the prognosis is always severe.

Sad Facts

According to statistics, smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer in about 80% of disease cases. After smoking just one cigarette, a person loses 11 minutes of life. In the last few years, there has been a trend in Europe and the USA towards a decrease in the number of smokers among men and an increase among women.

Lung cancer reflects this situation with a decrease in new cases in men and an increase in women by 76% in just fifteen years. In addition, people with a hereditary factor (parents and other close relatives are heavy smokers) are at risk of getting sick.

Where To Treat An Insidious Disease

Foreign patients often visit hospitals in Turkey, Israel, and Spain for lung cancer treatment. At the same time, the cost of therapy will be cheaper in India and Thailand. However, the priority in treating lung cancer belongs to Germany. The state allocates vast sums for research and intensive development of new methods and drugs. As a result, Europeans and citizens of the USA, Canada, and Australia choose German hospitals to treat lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Treatment In Germany

Doctors in Germany’s best lung cancer hospitals practice advanced, minimally invasive methods. Much attention is paid to the preservation of lung function. The treatment plan for each patient is discussed at an interdisciplinary consultation with the participation of leading specialists.

Surgery is usually sufficient in the first and second stages. During the operation, the tumor and the surrounding lung tissue are removed. With a tumor size of less than 5-6 cm, a minimally invasive procedure is performed using the DaVinci robotic system or video thoracoscopy. In this surgery type, the doctor uses instruments with a thickness of 3 and 5 mm, and the incision does not exceed 4 cm. As a result, the terms of rehabilitation are reduced, and thin scars almost disappear after 6-8 months.

At the advanced stages, lung cancer surgery is often combined with chemotherapy. When the tumor grows beyond the chest, chemo, radiation, and targeted therapy relieve symptoms and increase life expectancy.

New Treatment In Germany

Treatment in the best hospitals for lung cancer in Germany is based on the latest techniques:

  • Radiotherapy (CyberKnife).
  • Radiofrequency ablation (high-temperature destruction of cancer cells).
  • Cryotherapy (freezing malignant cells).
  • Immunotherapy – introducing antibodies that help stop the development of neoplasms.

The encouraging results give photodynamic therapy based on introducing a photosensitive substance into a vein, accumulating in a tumor. As a result, lung cancer cells are destroyed by a targeted laser beam, while healthy tissues remain intact.

The Best Hospitals To Treat Lung Cancer In Germany

The leaders in the fight against lung cancer in Germany are:

  • Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch;
  • University Hospital Saarland Homburg;
  • University Hospital Magburg;
  • University Hospital Ludwig-Maximilians Munich;
  • University Hospital Charite Berlin;
  • Beta Clinic Bonn.

Among the best oncologists that Germany is most proud of, there are several world-known:

  • Stefan Dresel, chief Physician of Nuclear Medicine at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch.
  • Ulrich Keilholz, the Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Charite University Hospital
  • Florian Bassermann, the Hematology and Oncology Department Director at the University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich.
  • Peter Reichardt, an oncologist at Helios Hospital in Berlin.
  • Elke Jager, head of the Oncology department at the Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main.

In addition, hundreds of world-famous German oncologists are engaged in lung cancer research.

Benefits Of Medical Treatment In Germany

Lung cancer treatment in Germany is a real chance for recovery. In the early stages, lung cancer can be removed entirely, and the disease can be defeated. However, a sensitive human approach is essential in addition to the medical component. AiroMedical will help to start treatment and ensure that patients feel surrounded by care and can entirely focus on their recovery.

Advantages of treating lung cancer in Germany:

  • an international team of world-renowned doctors;
  • a second opinion from German oncologists;
  • minimally invasive surgery;
  • stereotactic radiosurgery for the most accurate tumor irradiation;
  • targeted therapy for the cancer destruction without harm to healthy cells;
  • combination of different treatment methods for maximum effect.

In addition to the cutting-edge treatment options available, patients often engage with oncology consulting services to gain deeper insights into the latest research and tailored advice on navigating their treatment journey.

Foreign citizens are treated in hospitals in Germany after transferring the required amount to the hospital account. The cost of lung cancer treatment in Germany depends on the therapy program, the stage of the disease, and the number of days of stay in the clinic. After the end of treatment, the remaining funds are returned.

Having decided to undergo lung cancer treatment in German hospitals, each patient can be sure that an individual examination and therapy plan will be developed for him. In addition, all medical staff will make every effort to make the patient feel at home.


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