Calisthenics – The Ultimate Form Of Bodyweight Training

Not very many people practice calisthenics, but those that do are recognisable to anyone who sees them that they are an exercise enthusiast. Those who practice calisthenics are usually very lean and appear very fit and strong. And they are indeed strong.

Calisthenics is a form of physical training in which a person utilizes gravity and their body weight only, but can also in some circumstances use weights. It involves exclusive body movements, where athletes use their body weight as a form of resistance. The word itself stems from two Greek words “Kalos” and “Stenos” which mean beauty and strength respectively. People also sometimes refer to this form of physical training as a “street workout.”

Calisthenics originated in Eastern Europe, but is practiced all over the world today, and has recently grown in popularity in Melbourne, Australia. A lot of enthusiasts now flock to one of the most popular calisthenics stations called the Moran Reserve fitness station. Here, you will find the best calisthenics personal training in Melbourne. It is also here that you can learn any form of this discipline. Just start from scratch and you will advance with time and practice.

Difference Between Calisthenics And Weight Training

The main difference between the two is that in calisthenics, the focus lies on using your body weight rather than using weights. You could say that calisthenics is the basis of all exercise, if you want to build both strength and endurance. Before you get to lifting weights, it would be better to start first by lifting your body weight. If you can barely do a few push-ups, then it means that your body is not strong enough to lift weights. Doing push-ups, pull-ups and dips among other body exercises help you build strength, so that you can now experiment with weights. It also helps you improve your flexibility and endurance, as it involves a lot of movement, as opposed to weight training where you remain immobile while lifting.

Benefits Of Calisthenics

By now you should be able to easily deduce the benefits you can get from this form of training. First and foremost, you do not need a gym as you can do body exercises just about anywhere. Some cities around the world have calisthenics stations at parks and other public places, so you can save on the gym subscriptions.

Healthwise, calisthenics builds overall body strength, gives you a better posture and body composition. You burn more fat and get a proportional figure, as opposed to weight training where you might find yourself growing on the upper body only. This is not to say though, that weight training is not beneficial. It is, when done correctly. You can also add weight to calisthenics exercises to add some resistance, but at an advanced level though.

Who Can Do Calisthenics?

Anyone willing to transform their body can do these exercises. If you’ve never exercised your entire life, which is rarely the case, you can start by simple exercises, then progress to more advanced forms of exercises with time. You need to exercise patience and be consistent. You can get a coach or get training programs from the internet suitable for your level.

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