Dos and Don’ts When Recovering From An Injury

Life is no Marvel Movie or DC Comic. Humans are not indestructible and are prone to various types of injury. The body is a wonderful self-healing mechanism. The medication we take and the doctor’s advice we follow are there to assist this healing process. However, when recovering from an injury, some things could interfere with this process which prolongs healing or opens the door to infection and complications.

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts when recovering from an injury that will help to speed up the recovery process:


Be Honest With Your Chiropractor

The only way your chiropractor can help you is if you are open and honest with them. They cannot read your mind and are unable to feel your pain and discomfort. It is only through communication that they can come up with the best possible treatment plan for you.

This honesty also entails asking questions and raising doubts. If you are not well-informed, this can affect the efficacy of your treatment. This is especially true when you have to perform at-home treatments as a part of your program. Don’t be afraid to speak up – they won’t bite!

Eat Healthy

Your body needs a well-balanced diet all the time, but it needs it more than ever when it is injured. Food not only provides energy for the body, but it also gives it the essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for repairing cells, tissue, and bone.

Fluids are especially important, but avoid alcohol as it inhibits healing. Try to limit processed foods that can aggravate inflammation, or lead to weight gain. Extra weight puts more pressure on the area and can slow down healing.

Be Committed

Your physiotherapist cannot “fix you” if you don’t put in the effort. It isn’t magic and it requires you to be fully committed to the treatment program.

Whatever your physiotherapist or chiropractor recommends, give it your all, that way you can get much better results. If you are told to do morning exercises, don’t be lazy and skip them. If you are told to elevate a body part, do it. The team at Easthill Physiotherapy knows how to help your body recover more than you do.


Engage In Strenuous Activity And Exercise

You might be itching to get back on your feet or get back to your usual tasks, but strenuous activity and high-impact exercise can do you more harm than good in the recovery process.

There’s no need to push through the pain. You are hurt, and you need to heal. As a general rule of thumb, stop if it hurts.

Unless your chiropractor gives you the go-ahead for the gym, you are better off resting. Rest reduces the chance of additional damage and gives your body time to heal itself. It also gives you a chance to reflect and build your mental strength.


Stretching is great. It helps to prevent injury, decrease soreness, and keep your muscles strong and healthy. But, as you know, too much of anything is not good for you.

Overstretching can work against recovering tissue. Instead, try using ice or heat to address inflammation, and compress the muscles to boost blood circulation which promotes healing.

Concentrate On The Pain

Getting injured not only takes a physical toll on the body, but also an emotional one. Dwelling on the pain itself can lead to anxiety, depression and stress, which can have a direct impact on how well you recover. A positive attitude will give you the motivation you need to commit to treatment and can help you to recover faster.

Final Word

You can get through this. You will recover! Once you follow the instructions of your chiropractor and visit your Burnaby chiropractic clinic, you’ll have nothing to worry about. If you have doubts, ask all the questions you need to. The road to recovery may be rocky, but once you give it your all and commit fully, you will exceed your goals.

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