How to Fight Stress at Work

Are you constantly waking up covered in sweat after dreaming about your job?

Can’t stop thinking about deadlines, horrible bosses and stubborn employees?

Feeling the weight of the world upon your shoulders?

Welcome to the world of modern employment where 40% of workers feel that their jobs are extremely stressful and 25% of them think of their jobs as the number one cause of stress in their lives. This data sounds truly horrifying, but do our jobs have to be a stressful labour that we must face every day in order to survive?

No, not really…Let us see what we can do to make this issue less painful.

Initiate Positive Relationships

We all know just how therapeutic an open-hearted conversation with a good listener can be. That’s the reason why you should initiate as many positive relationships at your workplace as you can and surround yourself with good company. The first time a crisis arises, you will feel much better because you will have someone to share your problems with and get support from. Nurture such relationships even outside of the workplace – a good friend will always have something to say to make you feel better.

Work overload

Take a Deep Breath from Time to Time

The avalanche of problems in the workplace can develop at a relentless pace; a pace that is exhausting both mentally and physically. The best thing you can do to put a stop to this avalanche is to break its pace. Take a moment from time to time to clear your thoughts, take few deep breaths and get yourself grounded again. You’d be surprised how just these five seconds of your life can be so efficient at fighting stress.


Of course, no matter what you do to stop this avalanche, it will, at some point, overwhelm you and that is the time when you will need to find a proper valve to release the steam and find clarity. What you should do in that case is to skip alcohol, coffee and cigarettes and pay a visit to the gym. Or simply go jogging. Or take a yoga class. Any kind of exhausting physical activity can serve as a great tension-buster, so find your weapon of choice and fight stress in the healthiest way possible.

Work StressStop Thinking about the Problem and Start Thinking about the Solution

Unpleasant as they might be, problems at the workplace are a common thing and they will always be present in some shape and form. It is the way in which you react to them that causes the stress. Namely, a good chunk of work-related stress is caused by the fact that people dwell far too much on the existence of a problem, when that time could be much better spent at solving the problem.

Identify Self-Imposed Stress

Another very common cause of work-related stress is that we tend to make a mountain out of a molehill, or even worse, unconsciously self-impose various mental obstacles that make problems even bigger and thus cause more stress. It is of the utmost importance that you identify those obstacles and remove them. Even if you are not able to identify them on your own, try asking for a psychological assessment and get this issue off the table.

Get Yourself Organised

Last but not least, problems are much easier solved if you are well organised. Rid yourself of bad habits, prioritise things that will help to solve the problem, schedule your day properly, be willing to compromise, resist perfectionism and delegate some responsibilities. Good organisation and firm procedures will keep stress at bay.

Stress in the workplace is a common thing, but these two words don’t have to be synonymous. Problems will keep coming, so it is best to accept this as a fact. The way in which you deal with them will determine how stressful they will be.

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