Best Work From Home Jobs For Single Moms Starting Over

Are you a single mom in a bit of a money struggle right now? Or are you always looking for ways to stay busy and useful? Well, you can always try something new and start a work from home operation. Don’t have any enterprise ideas? Here are a few work from home jobs for single moms.


This job requires a little bit of experience, but if you know bookkeeping, you can earn a serious salary. Some bookkeepers working from home earn more than $100,000 per year! The job involves organizing finances and financial transactions, keeping track of tax information and doing “the books” for your clients. Bookkeepers also go over financial documents, create reports and update financial statements for any problems with statements and numbers.


If you know your way around words, you can try freelance proofreading. An online proofreader can earn as much $60,000 per year, so it’s a great addition to your house budget. To earn good money as a proofreader, you need to have great attention to details and some writing talent. Your spelling, grammar and style need to be impeccable, so you can catch all mistakes and fix them. If you don’t have any experience, you can finish a proofread course to help you learn the necessary skills, find clients and create a good business from home.

Programming Without A Degree

This is a job where degrees are not necessary, you just need good coding and programming skills. If you have skills, your salary can go anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000! This job can involve anything from creating websites to designing apps. Of course, it’s very easy to do this job from home, because all you need is your laptop and your skills. Naturally, a good internet connection is a must, so make sure you have fast internet fiber that will provide you with a secure, reliable and fast connection. This is the key to business success and mental health when it comes to working online!

Teaching English

Are you a permanent resident of any English-speaking country? You can easily find an English teaching job and get some extra money into your pocket. Even though some tutoring, mentoring or teaching experience might come in handy, it’s not necessary. Most teaching jobs involve online classes with kids in China or Japan, which is also great because of the time difference (you can work while your kids are sleeping).

Event planning

Are you great at keeping everything and everyone in check all the time? Try event planning! You can try your hand at everything from event and party planning to meeting, convention and business trip planning. You will be in charge of coordinating caterers, photography, seating, décor, itinerary, timeline and everything else that will result in a successful event.

Interior Decor

Is your home always trendy and stylish even though you’re a single parent? You can get into interior design! This job can be done from home, since today you can create virtual settings, meet clients over Zoom calls and shop online. In order to start, create a nice website with photos of your work (ask friends and family to decorate their homes for free to build your portfolio). Once people see your photographs, the orders will keep coming.

Travel Agent

Even though many people choose to organize their vacations alone, the support of a travel agent is still popular. People want someone to save their time, handle all documents, create a personalized service, ensure the best value for money and provide information on the destination, suppliers, excursions and other things. You can even specialize in certain types of trips like honeymoons, family vacations, corporate travel or cruises.

Home Daycare

If you have plenty of space at home and a great love of kids, you can stay with your kids and even add a few to your home daycare. Operating a home daycare business will have your hands full, but it can also be very profitable (you can charge around $500 a month per kid). To run a successful child care business, you’ll need access to tools and facilities, but also know how to market your service and track your finances—it’s a profitable job but not an easy one!

These work-from-home careers will fill up your pockets and give you some extra purpose in life. If you don’t like any of them, they still might inspire you to look more deeply into the job market and you’ll find something perfect for you!

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in business and marketing related topics.

In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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