Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

With the post-pandemic lifestyle and extended lockdowns, even the fittest ones of us have ended up with bulkier bodies. A lot of us are now struggling to get rid of those tyres around our bellies and get back in shape. However, it is important to know that weight loss is only meaningful if it ensures fitness without compromising your health. Here are three major tips that will help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Set Realistic Goals

You did not gain all that fat in a single day. It took its time to accumulate around your body. Therefore, you need to acknowledge the fact that it will take its due time to shed all that weight too. It is very important that you set realistic weight loss goals. Setting goals such as lose 10kgs in a month is unhealthy and might as well strike your motivation levels if you are unable to achieve your targets. Start by setting smaller achievable milestones and then gradually stretch your threshold.

Get your body BMI and BMR assessed and identify your daily calorie needs. An ideal weight is different for everybody depending on age, gender, height and a lot of other factors. For example the required number of calories for a high school girl might be different from that of a nursing mother or an athlete. Your entire dietary intake and workout regime should be designed around your specific body requirements.

Healthy Diet

Whenever someone wants t0 lose weight, the first thought that enters their mind is to go on a diet. Unfortunately, many people perceive the word dieting to be synonymous to starvation. A quick Google search on diet regimes will land you with many popular diet plans such as Keto and GM diets. Unfortunately, while these might provide temporary solutions and a quick fat reduction, most of these diet plans have very serious health consequences in the long run.

Remember, that your weight loss journey should be focused around your physical health and not merely around the beauty standards. Instead of going on crash diets, adopt healthy eating practices. Clean eating and portion control is the best way to shed pounds without compromising your health. Cut down on sugar, carbs, soda, fats and caffeine. Include grains, proteins and vitamin rich foods in your diet. Have a heavy and healthy breakfast and a light dinner. Avoid munching before bed time or late in the night.


It goes without saying that you need to have a fitness regime along with a diet plan to lose weight. However, your fitness program should again match your fitness goals and body requirements. Some people need an overall body shaping workout that targets the entire body, while others only aim to target certain problem areas. There are many specific workouts to lose belly fat, thighs, butts or upper body in case you wish to target a specific problem area. However, if you aim for an overall toning, go for a well-rounded HIIT workout that covers cardio, strength and core training. Whatever you choose, stay away from any crash boot camps.

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