Getting Started With Bike Training

Riding a bike is one of the easiest, not to mention fastest ways, to get in shape. Some don’t think twice about how their body responds to bike riding. Others want to know exactly how they can slim down without breaking a sweat. If you’ve been thinking about riding a bike to lose weight, but are not sure if it’s right for you, we can help. Read on to learn about the benefits of bike training and how you can slim down while enjoying the outdoors.

Start Off Slow

Even if you’re ready to slim down mentally, your body might need time to catch up. Unfortunately, without a step-by-step bike training program, plenty end up quitting or injuring themselves. The best ways to counteract this is by starting off slow. If you have your heart set on pushing yourself a little further each day but are not sure you can, high quality electric bikes can help. For example, if you’re trying to peddle up a hill and just can’t make it, you can use an electric bike to go the extra mile.

Vary The Intensity

Similar to working out in the gym, your body will eventually become used to riding a bike. To prevent muscle memory from stalling your progress, vary the intensity of your rides. On alternate days, you can practice short sprints of high and low-intensity rides. This type of bike training burns more calories overall and keeps your rides interesting as well.

Do Circuit Training

Circuit training is another way you can get in shape. It’s easy to integrate bike riding into a training program. Choose several body-weight exercises and create a series of sequences you can perform outdoors. For instance, you could shoot for a 15-minute ride combined with a series of squats, bench dips and high knees. Perform the sequence as many times as you can without feeling overworked. If you’re a novice, strive to complete the sequence two to three times.


Regardless of how you go about bike training, you need to do it safely. Always wear a helmet and any other protective gear you deem fit. Even the most avid bike riders can have an accident and sustain life-threatening injuries. You should also bike with a first-aid kit on hand, in addition to a smartphone. You should also turn on your location settings, just in case you do have an accident. This will make finding you easier, even if you tell someone where you’re going.

If you’re biking on a main road, you also need to be mindful of drivers. Even if you’re following the rules, you need to be on high alert for drivers who aren’t. Use reflectors on your bike and if possible, wear a reflective vest. Finally, it’s also recommended to let someone know where you’re going and how long you plan to be gone. Losing weight may seem like an uphill battle, however, biking can make the climb just a little less painful. You can make your workouts more enjoyable by taking in the scenery and only pushing yourself when you’re ready.

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