How A Vegan Lifestyle Can Help You With Life Insurance

Good news for those practicing a vegan lifestyle because this can help you a lot in getting life insurance. If you want to know how being vegan can help you with life insurance, continue reading as we will provide you with why people following a vegan diet are worthy of paying less for their life insurance policy.

Today, research and studies reveal how a vegan diet can reduce the risks of different types of health issues, and insurance firms are jumping onto this bandwagon.

There are a lot of insurance providers in the United States that offer vegans low life insurance rates. However, one of the prominent insurance service providers is HealthIQ.

The more significant part of the top causes of mortality in the US have a connection to the daily diet and can be secured against by following a vegan lifestyle.  The leading cause of mortality in the US is cardiovascular disease, followed by cancer linked to poor diet. Other causes of death are Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and kidney disease. The vegan diet is able to protect a person against these deadly illnesses in many essential ways.

Top deadly illnesses that can be protected by following a vegan diet include:


Hypertension is one of the leading causes of death. A vegan diet supports high consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, seeds and legumes.

Hypertension is the leading risk factor worldwide for strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular illnesses. A reduction in blood pressure has vital health benefits for individuals. An unhealthy diet is accountable for more deaths. Improved consumption of vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruit and whole grains, as obtained in a vegan diet, could avert a million deaths. Vegan diets with the full absence of animal products can lower blood pressure. The sustainability and feasibility are limited.

Reduced Risk Of Different Types Of Cancer

Research conducted in the year 2016 shows that people following a vegan diet have a 15 per cent lower occurrence of all types of cancer, 34 per cent lower chance of female-specific cancer, and 22 per cent lower chance of having colorectal cancer.

Research participated by 56 000 vegans showed that they have considerably lower risks of developing specific types of cancers as opposed to non-vegans. The reason for the positive effect of this kind of diet lies largely in the absence of saturated fats. Reduced risk of cancer is also related to the large consumption of vegetables such as nuts, legume as well as soybeans. What is more, vegans are able to assimilate more carotenoids, a pigment that fights diseases and polyphenols, which assists avoid degenerative illnesses, including cancer.

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes is included in the top ten causes of death in the US. A study conducted in 2009 that is published in Diabetes Care Journal shows that vegetarians have a 49 per cent lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

The 5-unit BMI disparity between non-vegans and vegans shows considerable potential for veganism to keep you safe from diabetes and obesity. Also, in the research, the inclusion of meat products, even fish, even on a less than weekly basis, limit the protection related to a vegan diet. The research fulfilled that the foods included in vegan diets might have metabolic benefits assisting in reducing type 2 diabetes.

Reduced Chance Of Having Alzheimer’s Disease

The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association published an article showing that a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, fruits, fibre is related to a 53 per cent reduced occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

Health experts showed the relationship between a vegan lifestyle and a considerably lower chance of having AD or Alzheimer’s disease. The diet integrated at least three servings of whole grains, salad as well as other types of veggies a day. Also, it includes snacking nuts and eating beans daily. Eating berries at least two times a week can also help in reducing the chance of having AD in the future.

Reduced Chance Of Cardiovascular Disease

A study conducted in 2013 and –published by the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that vegetarians have a nine per cent lower chance of having cardiovascular disease than people who love to eat meat products.

A hardened or blocked artery is a direct cause of strokes and heart attacks. A research posted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that vegetarians have the most elastic arteries of any group tested. A vegan diet is devoid of meat and other animal products, thus leading to considerably lower consumption levels of fat, cholesterol as well as saturated fat. These factors add to vegans having a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Common vegan substitutes such as legumes, soybeans, nuts, and vegetable oils are known to reduce the risk of having cardiovascular illnesses and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This also helps in the elasticity of blood vessels and blockage free. This also helps in having a healthy blood flow.

Greater Vitality And Improved Energy

Vegetarians are already aware that there are many perks that come with this kind of diet, such as reducing blood pressure, low rate of illness, sustainable as well as a healthy diet and eco-friendly living.  This also helps in having a life free of needless animal cruelty, greater vitality as well as more energy. Maybe the most considerable health benefits of this kind of diet are the 15 per cent lower mortality rate.

The latest study conducted in nutrition continues to reveal the bad effect of meat consumption on our wellbeing. A few months ago, the biggest and important research done showed that those who ate red meat on a regular basis were 26% tend to die due to any of the diseases mentioned above than those who follow a vegan diet.  Big health institutions such as The American College of Cardiology advised following a vegan diet citing an up-to-date study showing vegetables rich in protein are healthier than animal protein. Today, there is life insurance for vegans available that caters to those following a vegan lifestyle.

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