How To Get Your Workout Routine Back On Track

Not everyone is a gym junkie, and not everyone jumps at the opportunity to show off their pushup personal record. If you recognise yourself as such a life-loving creature that prefers not to get too sweaty, but you know the benefits of exercise and you’d gladly boost your own motivation – this one is for you. With so many trends to go around, all kinds of classes on offer, and conflicting information found online as well as offline, it can be difficult to discern what’s best for you, personally, and what you should stick to for your workout to be effective.

Although everyone really is different, and your goals will affect how you formulate your training routine, there are certain ground rules that apply to us all. Here are a few simple, but effective ways to get your workout routine back on the right track and that are easy to adapt to your own needs and preferences!

Partner Up

Accountability is a huge part of discipline. But before you can hold yourself accountable, you could use the help of someone else who can do that for you – a.k.a. a gym buddy to accompany you on your trips to the Gym Eltham. This simple method applies to any activity you’d like to introduce to your life. Whether it’s a dance partner, a judo partner, or someone to go to Zumba classes with you, their company will push you to attend regularly.

Plus, exchange those daily details as to what you’ve done, how active you’ve been, and if you’ve deviated from your diet. It’s always easier to pair up and have someone to support and push you.

Get Better Gear

Exercise is an investment in your health, long-term wellbeing, and your confidence. When you add other investments to the mix, your desire to stay consistent will skyrocket. For starters, get durable gym wear for those long workout sessions of lifting weights and cardio. The quality fabric will let your skin breathe while you’ll be able to perform those heavy movements perfectly and safely, too.

Just seeing yourself wearing such items will give you a jolt of motivation and confidence as you brace yourself for another workout session. Not to mention the practicality and safety of all your wearables!

Baby Steps

If hitting the gym sounds like too big of a change, there’s no need to push yourself that far. Chances are, you’ll give up after one session of what will feel like pure humiliation and shame. Until you can change your mindset, you can start with a morning jog, or a yoga flow that will help you restore your flexibility and energy levels.

You can look into a wide range of video workouts to keep yourself active on those rainy days, and as you build up your strength and stamina, you’ll work up the courage to join a gym or a class that will slowly become a routine.

Track Your Progress

It’s tough to stay on track when you can’t see or feel the benefits of your training routine. It takes time for those abs to show and for your posture to improve, but before that happens, you need to find other milestones to keep you inspired. Using fitness-tracking tools is a brilliant way to measure your progress not just in weight, but in miles you run, calories you burn, and the like. It puts your efforts in perspective and encourages you to go back to your workout even on a lazy day.

Have A Diet To Match

Taking up a sport is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Alas, if your goal is to shed weight, grow stronger, or improve yourself in any way, your diet is a factor to consider, too. You need to tailor your diet to meet your goals, so that you can cut unneeded sugar, introduce healthy carbs and plenty of protein, and fuel your training with ample energy to keep you going.

Don’t Forget To Sleep

It’s downright impossible to feel enthusiastic about that workout when you haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. It’s one of the worst things you can do for your overall health, but it’s also a surefire way to prevent yourself from staying consistent with your workouts. Build a sleeping schedule that will give you plenty of rest every night, so that you can lower your stress hormone levels, stay energised, eat well, and ultimately, keep those workouts piling up!

Mix It Up

Finally, if you’re not into routines per se, but you do want to exercise regularly, you should keep things interesting by adding versatile training routines, changing up your exercises, rep ranges, set combinations, adding home workouts such as yoga or HIIT, and joining new classes from time to time. That way, you may not stay dedicated to a single activity, but you’ll be active nonetheless, and that’s what really matters down the line.

Working out is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. When it feels impossible to stay true to your fitness goals, use these fundamental principles to inspire yourself, and you’ll stay on the right track for as long as you wish!

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