How To Make Your ATV A Mud Machine

Taking your ATV out for a bit of off-road fun can make for an enjoyable pastime. Less enjoyable, however, is getting stuck in the mud. That is unless your ATV is set up to take on muddy trails. In that case, riding through the dirt is even more enjoyable. Of course, you’ll need to grab some of the best aftermarket motorcycle parts for off-roading before you hit the trails.


It probably comes as no surprise that the starting point for your mud machine should be its tyres. You’ll have no luck riding through mud pits if your tyres can’t get enough traction to propel you forward. Your stock tyres likely don’t have the grip for truly adventurous trails. Just like how you need to drop some of the OEM motorcycle parts of a dirt bike to unlock its full potential, you need to do the same for an ATV.

The Maxxis M962 Mud Bug ATV tyre is a great choice for muddy trails. The deep angled cuts in the tread will help you get maximum traction even in the most slippery of areas. They will also help you get a little extra clearance to keep you and your belongings above the worst of the dirt. Better yet, these Maxxis tyres are designed for durability and puncture resistance.

Another great choice is the STI Mud Trax ATV tyre. For many people, riding in the mud is fun but a little uncomfortable after any amount of time. This tyre helps solve that with its V-shaped tread center. This keeps the ride smooth while also offering excellent traction.

Air Intake

Another challenge of riding through muddy trails is letting your engine breathe. Dirt and debris can quickly clog your intake, making your engine struggle to get the oxygen it needs to run. A simple solution to this is a snorkel system that raises the intake vent for your engine. This will help you keep moving forward even if you find yourself in deeper mud than you planned on.

High Lifter Snorkel Kits are perfect for this need. This is the ideal way to keep your engine’s air intake above the mud and safe from any splashing up dirt and debris. It may seem like overkill, but it will let you take on more trails with confidence.

Winch System

If you are getting adventurous on the trails, chances are there will come a time when you or a friend gets stuck. A winch can help you get out of those situations by offering some pulling power to supplement the ATV’s engine. Winches can also be very practical if you ever use your ATV for work such as clearing debris from trails.

The Moose Racing 2,000-Pound Winch is a great choice for this. Its robust and powerful design will get you out of any difficult situation in no time.

Start Modifying

In the same way you want safe motorcycle helmets to go with your bike, you should want the best gear for mudding on your ATV. Pick up some tires, a winch and a snorkel today to hit the muddiest trails with the utmost confidence.

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