Hunkemoller Backpack Review

Ever since having kids I’ve developed a slight obsession with oversized bags. If you’ve got kids yourself, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean, because although they might well be small, these small people need a shedload of stuff to keep them happy. And whilst my nappy/wipes/bottle/random car/crushed rice cake packet days are over, I still find myself going for the roomy option.

I can often be seen marching around my home town wearing a rucksack and although as a teenager I wouldn’t of dreamt of being so uncool as to wear my rucksack on both shoulders, these days I am deffo a two strap kinda gal. Whether I’m helping the kids carry some of their school stuff, out at the shops, on a blogger mission with laptop and camera, or I’m off to bootcamp equipped with bottle, trainers and the like, I like to know that I can fit all of my stuff in a bag that is also supporting my back correctly and won’t give way in the process.

I was recently sent the new Hunkemöller Blogger Backpack from the Caro E collection so I thought I’d put it to the test and see if it could handle the requirements of a busy working mum.

First things first, it deffo ticks the roomy box, as the clever zip and clip lock fastening allows for expansion when required. The inside of the bag is fully lined and there is a small zipped interior pocket for keeping small change, keys etc. secure. The look is very much sports luxe with the pale pink quilted fabric, which I must admit I raised an eyebrow to at first, thinking how easily it would get dirty (that’s the mum in me!). However, on closer inspection it turn out the bag can be washed on a standard 40 degree washing machine cycle, which means there’s no need to worry about it getting trashed, but also more importantly it means you don’t need to worry about wet clothing, muddy trainers and sweaty gym kit stinking it out.

Practical and stylish…now that’s my kind of bag!

The bag has been inspired by the German fashion and beauty blogger Caro Einhoff who is renowned for sharing her daily fashion inspo and outfits on Instagram. Other items in the collection include sports bras, leggings and sports tops, which all use a pink and black colour palette to create a feel that is both feminine and strong.

And that’s the thing, just because I’m a mum doesn’t mean I must only carry around a hessian shopper or a bag for life. No, I want to look as though I’ve still got it in the style stakes and this backpack is gonna help me do just that! But yeah there’s no denying, I do still love the fact it’s washable…it’s a mum thing!

The rucksack is priced at £32.00 and can be purchased from the Hunkemöller website along with the rest of the Caro E collection.

*Product gifted for review
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