Yeah Baby It’s Time to Detox!

Question for you…who’s been on a detox before? Maybe you abstained from alcohol for a bit or you might have cut out caffeine or even survived on nothing but juices and smoothies for a few days?

But is that really all detox is about?

Detox has long been a bit of a buzzword in the health and wellbeing industry and it’s a word that can easily be misinterpreted by us the consumers and is often misused and abused by certain unscrupulous companies wishing to make a quick buck. However, there is scientific evidence that regular detoxing has significant benefits to both the body and the mind, so we’re going to take you on a bit of a detox journey to discover exactly what those benefits are and help you distinguish between the ‘faddy’ and the ‘fabby’!

What is Detox?

Our bodies are amazing things. You know when you suffer random outbreaks of spots, or you feel sluggish and have absolutely no energy, or you might be experiencing digestive issues? Well, that is the body sending out a very loud and clear message that something is wrong and please could you help. Our lives are so busy that often the body’s cries for help go unnoticed, before reaching a point where the problem gets worse and consequently takes longer to resolve. It's Detox BabyMany of us end up putting up with these symptoms, resigning ourselves to the fact that we must just have bad genes, and instead of delving into the root of the problem, we search out ways to cover up and hide them.

Don’t get me wrong, you can buy some pretty good make up these days and there’s plenty of products containing caffeine and other stimulant based ingredients that will have you bouncing off the walls, but this is a purely superficial solution, one that masks the underlying problems.

We spend vasts amount of time and money on cleaning and moisturising our bodies, so why don’t we pay as much attention to our insides? Now, I know it’s not as though we can turn our bodies inside out and give it a good old scrub, but there are certain things we can do and certain products we can use that will do this job for us.

Detoxing is all about cleansing, flushing out and replenishing the body from the inside out in order for it to be at it’s healthiest, most vibrant and most energetic and in turn promote a happy, positive attitude. One widely believed myth that needs to be completely and utterly debunked is that to detox properly you need to suffer and starve yourself.

This is not true!

Genuine detox programs are not designed to deprive the body. They should help support successful cleansing and purging of toxins, whilst at the same time adding nourishment and replenishment – the process should be as much about giving as it is about taking away. Modern ‘faddy’ detox plans often revolve around a liquid only diet, which although offers a quick, weight loss ‘detox’, it is a far cry from what an authentic detox program should give you. Weight loss is one of the biggest misconceptions about detox and admittedly the two can work quite nicely together (clean, good functioning organs will aid better digestion and may result in weight loss), it is not however the ultimate end goal of a detox and a detox program should never be undertaken purely for the purpose of wanting to lose weight. Detox has its roots in the highly respected Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions of health, where it was considered good practice to regularly cleanse the organs with every passing season in order to lead a long and healthy life. Using natural ingredients, such as food based cleansing herbs combined with vitamins and supplements, detox is a holistic practice that could provide the answers to all of our modern day stresses and strains.

It's Detox BabySo, how do we know what detox program is right, how do we know who to trust and where do we even begin?

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I’ve recently discovered an absolutely amazing company, who have used their 20 years worth of experience in the health and wellness industry to create an extensive, balanced and trusted range of detox programs designed to give you a successful, positive and happy detox experience.

Who are they?

It’s Detox Baby!

It’s Detox Baby is a family run business consisting of owner, mum, Allie (or Dr Alison Stone to give her ‘official’ title – the woman has 2 bachelors degrees, a masters and a PhD in Alternative Medicine and MetaPhysics so I think we should big her up a bit!), and her three daughters who provide creative and networking skills along with humour and passion for the business. Allie has worked at some of the worlds leading 5* resorts and spas, so she is incredibly well equipped and highly knowledgeable about the benefits of leading a healthy and balanced life.

The company create high quality comprehensive detox products and programs that are ethically sourced, diligently created and handcrafted by their team of dedicated wellness professionals. The programs are sold as ‘box sets’ with a particular detox goal in mind and can either be used on their own or in combination for an ultimate detox package. They also run a subscription service, which delivers the boxes directly to your door, complete with easy to follow instructions and the offer of a Skype consultation with the experts, should you need any help.

Take a look at the different detox options available from It’s Detox Baby:

Kickstarter Boxes

  • Colon detox Colon cleanse
  • Liver detox
  • Parasite detox

Deluxe Boxes

  • Skin & Eyes detox
  • Hair & Nails detox
  • Mens detox
  • Womens detoxMens cleanse
  • Destress

Platinum Boxes

  • Rest & Recuperate
  • Frequent Flyer
  • Wedding Day Couples

Each box contains detox supplements, herbal products and gorgeous accessories all wrapped up and branded with the It’s Detox Baby 50’s irreverent humor. Goodies could include various detox teas, essential oils, meditations, mouthwash and products with tongue in cheek names like, Pooper Trooper and Heaven Hemp Me! One thing for sure is that inside each and every detox box from It’s Detox Baby is literally everything you could possibly need for your detox, including detailed instructions along with a daily planner and the promise of their support and guidance along the way. Keep an eye out for my blog in a couple of weeks that will see me delving into these boxes a little deeper and discovering exactly what goes into an It’s Detox Baby box…

It’s Detox Baby believe in following the 3P detox program:

  1. Preparation
  2. Purging
  3. Palliation

Each ‘P’ should be actioned over a 10 day period, so a total of 30 detox days, to provide optimum cleansing, re-balancing and refreshing.

Detoxing shouldn’t be stressful, quite the opposite, and It’s Detox Baby are keen to shy away from the stuffy, clinical, whiter than white image that detox programs can often be associated with. They want your detox to be fun, to be lighthearted and for you to look forward to each day of your experience. Essential supplements from It's Detox BabyThe quest for a healthy body and mind should be a positive one, one that should be celebrated for helping you lead the best life you can.

At present, the detox boxes and subscriptions can be purchased on their website – please pay a visit because it really is a lovely site with some fantastic artwork, courtesy of Allie’s daughter, Meg. I must also tell you about their Crowdfunder campaign, as they could really do with as much support as possible to help take their business to the next level and spread the detox love to us all.

Although they are already 90% complete, there is just that teeny, tiny 10% left needed to help fund the fine tuning and move them from the confines of their garage into proper working premises. And, guess what? If you help them, they will help you, so based on your fund pledge level you can expect some fab rewards as a little thank you for your support.

Rewards range from:

  • ‘Big up’ Tweets
  • Discounted ratesRewards
  • Goody bags
  • T-shirts
  • Special edition detox boxes
  • Meg’s artwork
  • 30 minute consultation with Allie

Some pretty amazing rewards, right? So, do your body and mind a favour and go check it out!

The Art of Healthy LivingAllie Stone caught up with It’s Detox Baby owner and detox guru, Allie to get the lowdown on all things detox:

Why do you think detox is so important?

“We live in very stressful times. Work, relationships, image, family and finance all put stress on our minds, which in turn stress out our organs and health. Modern eating habits have changed and we suffer more from excess than we do from starvation so our organs are in greater need of support , which is exactly what detoxing is aimed at. By using herbs, supplements, teas and food along with changes to our eating habits and lifestyle we support our organs in their natural process of cleansing and rejuvenation. Animals in the wild detox on a regular basis and with all the toxic elements to our food and lifestyle I am sure this is why detox has become so popular and important at this point of time.”

How long has It’s Detox Baby been running?

“This began as an idea almost 5 years ago when I was working as a director in the health and wellness industry, but we started the company in November 2015. We have been working for the past 6 months on sourcing the products, creating the artwork, developing our supplement range and finding really good people to partner with.”

How did the idea for It’s Detox Baby come about?

“Working as a health director and a holistic health practitioner in some of the top retreats in the world I often wondered how our clients could keep up with their health programs once they went back home. It’s a lot easier to follow a detox health regime in a beautiful tropical paradise with the best practitioners and chefs to support you. After moving back to the UK a few years ago I noticed a huge increase in quickie detoxes and was alarmed to see one of my daughters pay a premium price for a bag of detox teas with a promise of a complete organ make-over in 7 days. I quickly interfered, as only a bossy mum can, and created a full 30day detox program for her using all the tools necessary to address the digestive issues she was facing. The detox was a resounding success. On the tail of this we both realised that there are many of our friends and colleagues, as well as former retreat clients, who were also looking for comprehensive detox programs. Many wanted them to fit into their busy work schedules and support them at various points of their life, like marriage, pre and post pregnancy and keeping fit. It was at this point the idea of home delivered high-end detox boxes was created. Once the seed was planted the whole family became enamoured with the project, each of us girls finding our strengths matched with a specific task and so our all-female family, business was born.”

Who chose the name, branding etc?

Skin Woman“We were all toying around with names and researching to see what was out in the market already and I realised that everything looked the same; greener than green wheatgrass shots, clinical clean branding and minimalistic kits with tea and smoothie sachets of powdered herbs. So, I said to my daughters let’s take this out of mainstream and add some humour. Rosie, who is our witty humour guide, came up with the idea to add some cheeky tongue in cheek humour and the first idea we hit on was to emulate 1950’s irreverent humour and so the brand began to take shape. Meg sketched some photos and the brand was born …. The name Its Detox Baby … just came out one day and we all agreed that it is the perfect name to reflect our branding.”

Who is your target audience?

“Our target audience are health conscious individuals who want to take responsibility of their health into their own hands. My own daughters range from the ages of 16 to 32, and they love the products. I believe we will also appeal to the 25 – 45 male & female workforce who work hard and lead stressful lives and so choose to detox to regain balance and rejuvenate on a regular basis.”

What stage are you at, at the moment?

“The artwork, website and business side is set up and we have our supplements and Ayurvedic remedies along with the accessories to support each detox. We are having a few issues with the printing of the labels as the artwork is so important we need it to be perfect, which we haven’t yet managed. We are also just finishing off our downloadable meditations for each detox, which should hopefully be done very soon.”

Why a Crowdfunder campaign?

“We are a very community orientated family. CrowdfunderHaving lived around the world we all know how important it is to care and share with the people around us. We have all backed quite a few Crowdfunder projects and just loved feeling like we were a part of someones journey of passion. We love the fact that we can offer, and hopefully receive, support from real people; not banks or credit companies, and we really want to include as many people as possible on our journey to success. We are 90% ready but due to the issues with our labels and the fact the boxes have taken over most of our home and garage we need to raise some money to get our labels machine, secure a proper working premises and have our app developed so that our customers can have easy access and amazing food menu and exercise support with each box.”

How did you choose which products to put in each box?

“Each organ and body system has certain functions and very specific nutritional needs. I spent months working out the balance between the Ayurvedic remedies/teas and nutritional supplements to get the best from both worlds. There are a few products like the push me pull me mouth swish, tongue scraper, meditations, body brush and essential oils that are in all the boxes, but with the specific flavours and oils that work with the specific organ or body function. The Kickstarter boxes: Colon&Kidney, Liver&Gallbladder, Parasite&Candida all have a special detox food mix called Khichari that helps the organs expel toxins, the Deluxe boxes for Skin & Eyes and Hair & Nails have fabulous products that relate to these areas and are tailored for male and females alike. The Premium boxes: Frequent Flyer and Rest & Recuperate have many accessories that support Sleep disorders and convalescence and the Bride & Groom we offer for marriages both traditional and civil in support of everyone who takes the plunge.”

Have you used the detox boxes yourself? What was your experience?

Rest and Recuperation“Yes I have designed these detoxes based on forumlas I have used and prescribed for over 20 years. I have recently completed the colon & kidney detox, which was great and helped me reduce the excess fluid I have been carrying thanks to pre-menopause and reduced bloating especially after eating. The Liver&Gall Bladder is always challenging for me as I don’t like apple cider vinegar, but I was very good and didn’t cheat J I am sure my gallstones have reduced as I haven’t had any pain since I finished the detox 3 months ago. My favourite so far has been the Parasite detox. Lavena and I started ours together and both really felt amazing afterwards. One of the best side effects we both noticed was that we no longer craved sweet things as our palate seemed to change and this has stayed with us both since we finished. I am just starting the women’s detox as I have some new Ayurvedic formulas, which I want to combine with the supplements and teas.”

Where can I buy an It’s Detox Baby box?

“At the current moment they are only available online from our website, however we are keen to offer our detox boxes on other platforms in the future.”

What feedback have you had?

“I have always had positive feedback on my programs over the last 20 years. On our new product range for It’s Detox Baby, the most common remarks have been that they found it easy to follow and that because it was a 30 day program and they had to focus on their food and following the program they felt they actually made long term changes to their diet and eating habits and all of them said that the meditations were unexpected and really beneficial.”

What is it like working with family?

MegRosaVeelu“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! We all have a great harmonious connect that allows us all to shine in our individual ways while supporting each other unconditionally. Add to that a fantastic hard work ethic that we all share and what we have is a very productive team who laughs loud and happily works more hours than there are in a day. Family is of the utmost importance for us and one of the core reasons for starting this business together was to create a family legacy that we hope will continue on to our next generation and onward.”

Lessons you’ve learnt along the way?

“It takes time to do things right. The end product looks nothing like your first attempt. Be authentic, stick to what you know and buy the best not the cheapest; quality is quality and it shows. Laugh, it really does make you feel better. Networking, Social media and connecting are the best marketing tools we have at our fingertips. There is no need to spend money on marketing just lots of time, effort and of course having a young Youtuber on your team helps incredibly!”

Do you have any plans for the future and what would be your ultimate goal?

Detox subscription“Absolutely, once It’s Detox Baby is up and running we have a second brand we are working on that will complement the detox boxes and support our customers in having a less toxic life. We have a charity, which we are in the throes of setting up called Medicinal Earth and this will be an ongoing but fabulous part of the success of Its Detox Baby and our product lines. Who knows maybe even a 50’s style health retreat in the distant future but right now we are focusing all our efforts on perfecting our detox boxes, launching our Crowdfunder and promoting our business so that everyone can be a part of our success.”

Describe It’s Detox Baby in three words.

“Complete Home Detox”

All It’s Detox Baby original artwork comes courtesy of ©2015 Megan.Kate.Potter

Please visit Meg’s You Tube channel for more creativity, fun and inspiration!

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