Kate Percy’s Go Bites Review

Have you ever made energy balls? They’re those little balls of fruit, nuts and other healthy goodness that is the trendy snack thing to be eating at the mo. And yes it’s relatively straightforward to make them, but let’s face it we don’t always have the time do we?

Kate Percy, sports nutrition cook and author of the Go Faster Food recipe books, has produced this handy range of bite sized energy balls that solves this problem. Available in packs of 3, they are made from 100% natural ingredients and with the purpose of giving your body the right nutrition at the right time.

And I am loving the ethos that goes with these bites…

“Real Food Fuels You Better”

What a perfect message to put out there for adults, but even more so for the younger generation, who have somewhat wandered off the nutritional path in more recent times. In fact 10% of the net profits from these balls go towards funding Kate’s Go Faster Food’s #EatLikeAnAthlete schools and sports club programme, which aims to educate and equip every child in the UK with the skills needed to cook 10 healthy, energy-giving meals.

I love this!

I mean, cooking in schools doesn’t happen nearly so much as it used to, and I’m also pretty certain that many parents aren’t necessarily teaching their children how to cook at home either, so this is just great. Anything that encourages cooking from scratch and teaches both adults and children alike about how eating well translates into a body that feels and performs well, is a winner for me.

But, back to the Go Bites, let’s take a look at them in more detail.

What immediately strikes me when I open up the packets and release the balls, is just how rustic and handmade they look. None of this made in a factory gubbins and I like that, as it shows that care and consideration has been taken when making them. Each ball is slightly unique in shape; one might look more squashed than another, one might have more coconut, or be ever so slightly bigger, and that’s fab too – it’s kind of like a representation of the human body, we’re all different and we all deserve to be treated so.

There are three different flavours to choose from, all of which have been perfectly matched to suit your specific foodie needs, so let’s get to the part that we’re all interested in…EATING!

Date & Coconut – Boost

First up we’ve got these date and coconut balls that have been designed to give you a boost before exercising or to simply energise and get you all powered up for the day. This makes me think that these would make a great breakfast on the go, when perhaps you’ve stayed in bed a bit longer than planned (hey we’re all guilty of hitting that snooze button!), or your flatmate/partner/child has used up the last of the milk and cereal isn’t an option. Made from dried fruit, gluten free oats and covered in a sprinkling of desiccated coconut, they look like a posh after dinner truffle. There’s a very distinct smell of coconut, as you would of course expect, but I personally wasn’t too keen on the flavour of these ones. It starts off with a lovely sweetness, but as the taste develops and the coconut oil starts to come through, for me it all became a bit too sickly. But you know what…I’ve always been a bit iffy with coconut; sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. If anything I would have liked more texture, maybe some bigger flakes of coconut in the ball to add a slight crunch to it and perhaps break up the sweetness a little. Great if you love coconut, however this one’s not for me.

Apricot & Seeds – Refuel

So, these are your refuel bites, the thing you need post-workout to help recharge and feed you up so you don’t hit a wall later on in the day. These are by far the healthiest looking of the lot and arguably the least attractive, but hey as we all know, you should never judge things by appearance alone! Made of dried fruit, gluten-free oats, apricots and seeds, yes they look a little like bird feeders and yes they’re brown, a bit boring looking and smell kinda wholemeal, but honestly the flavour is proper up there on the taste scale. It’s softer than it looks, I imagined it to be a bit more crunchy, a bit like the texture of a fig roll; sort of chewy yet smooth at the same time. And the flavour is really interesting and in complete contrast to how it looks. I imagined it to be fairly bland, but no seriously not at all, it was literally a multi-layered taste sensation. First up comes the taste of sunflower seeds, followed by the sweetness of the apricot and what impressed me the most was the fact I could taste every single one of the ingredients used in it. I thought I wouldn’t like this one, but you know what it was really yum and I had no difficulty in polishing all three off – thank goodness I’d done a mega HIIT sesh beforehand!

Chocolate & Hazelnut – Recover

These ones are all about the recovery, a teensy bit of guilt-free indulgence after all that hard work, so of course there’s just got to be chocolate in there! Along with the dark choccy there’s also heaps of dried fruit, gluten free oats and roasted hazelnuts that all come together to make something, which to me looks exactly like a healthy version of Ferrero Rocher. And oh my goodness…Kate Percy with this bite you are really spoiling us!

It’s like eating delicious, squidgy chocolate cookie dough; sweet but not too sweet and with a lovely after taste.Β  The texture is ever so slightly different to the others and the chocolate deffo wins for me. I can imagine eating these post workout, lying in the bath with a good book, candles flickering and some scented bath oil helping to rest my aching muscles.Β  Hands down my fave flavour.

Each 36g pack contains 3 x 12g balls and are all gluten, wheat and dairy free, contain no refined sugars and the Date & Coconut and Hazelnut & Chocolate flavours are also vegan friendly.

Whether you eat all three, or whether you can be convinced to share (quite frankly no-one’s getting any of my Hazelnut & Chocolate ones!), these Go Bites are convenient, are the perfect size for lunchboxes, gym bags, handbags or even pockets, and they taste pretty spesh too.

For more information about the Go Bites and Go Faster Food range head on over to www.go-bites.com

*Products gifted for review

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