The Most Delicious Food To Eat After Detox

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Now, more than ever, people are more aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy, which is driving the global wellness market to whole new heights. People are not only more mindful of what they eat, but are also keen on adopting various strategies to optimize the various functions of the body, like for example detox diets.

What Is A Detox Diet?

According to a naturopathic doctor, detoxification is a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew the body or, in other words, a way to jump-start the body for a healthier life as it rids the body of toxins. This type of process can be utilized in inpatient rehabs or even possibly done at home. While the body has its own natural mechanism to eliminate waste and toxins (liver, sweat, urine), a detox diet apparently helps to relieve pressure from the body organs in charge of waste elimination, thereby further strengthening them.

Detox or cleansing diets vary, from complete fasting (total starvation fasts) for 1 to 3 days, to drinking only fresh fruits and vegetables, water and tea while avoiding other solid foods.

What Are The Benefits Of A Detox?

While detox diets claim to facilitate toxin elimination and accelerate weight loss, review of scientific literature reveals that more studies and clinical evidence are needed to support these claims. Nonetheless, the few research studies carried out on this subject do provide encouraging results. For instance, popular detox food like nori, coriander, and  the fa substitute olestra have been found to have detoxification properties.

Another study on the lemon detox diet, which is arguably the most popular among all diet strategies (pop icon Beyoncé swears by its effectiveness in facilitating weight loss) also showed promising results. The findings of a recent study carried out on the effectiveness of the lemon detox diet among overweight Korean women suggest that a lemon detox program reduces body fat and insulin resistance and might have a beneficial effect on risk factors for certain heart diseases.

What Are Some Of The Most Delicious Post-Detox Foods?

If you are one of the many individuals who has tried various forms of detox diets, you may be tempted to immediately go back to eating juicy hamburgers and a gooey bowl of macaroni cheese after essentially starving yourself for several days. Keep in mind however, that your digestive system has not digested anything solid for days, so you need to carefully ease your way back to normal eating.

While it may not be OK for you to binge on high-fat, high-sugar, and hard to digest food at the onset, do not despair because there are still several post-detox foods that you can eat without feeling deprived.

Here are some examples of satisfying, yet digestive-friendly food that you can enjoy after detoxifying for several days:

Chocolate Banana Smoothie (Breakfast)

This recipe is very easy, just dissolve a ¾ teaspoon of cocoa powder in ½ cup of hot water, place this mixture in a blender, add 2 medium-sized frozen bananas and ¾ cup of coconut milk (or more if you want a thicker smoothie), and blend together. Place inside the refrigerator to cool. This flavourful smoothie provides a delicious punch and is packed with nutrients from the bananas, cocoa powder and coconut milk such as potassium, fibre, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Polyphenols, and protein.

Thai Green Curry Soup (Lunch)

Since you are still transitioning from liquid to solid food, Thai Green Curry soup can give you a satisfying lunch without overwhelming your digestive system. This dish is not only filled with nutritious green vegetables but contains healthy fats, and cleansing herbs to help you maintain the gains of your detox cleansing diet.

Kale Salad (Dinner)

To cap your evening, prepare a delicious and healthy kale salad. Simply combine chopped kale, avocado slices, and olive oil and you are good to go. To add more texture and flavour, you can add chopped toasted almonds and feta cheese.

The different tasty meals mentioned above are just some of the best foods you can eat, post-cleansing. These foods may be healthy, healing, and easy-to-digest, but their flavours will help you forget that you are still eating healthily.

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