My HALO Ring Review: The Silicone Ring With A Story

Jewellery is such a personal thing, especially rings. I only ever wear the same three rings – my engagement ring, wedding ring, and my eternity ring. And each of those rings comes with its own story; a story which has a meaning that is personal to me, each one important and marking a different moment in my life. I only take them off if I really have to, usually for safety reasons, and when I do it is like a part of me is missing, as if a body part has been removed. They are me and I am them.

I recently came across a company called HALO and I want to tell you all about them, because I think you’re going to love them.

What Is HALO Ring?

This is not a ring…

Well, that’s what it says on the reusable plastic pouch that it comes in. Let’s make it clear, it is a ring, but it is also so much more than a ring. Because you see, when you buy a HALO Ring you’re not just buying a ring, you are buying a ring with meaning. A ring that connects you with something or someone or sometime. But more on that in a moment.

The rings themselves are silicone and are available in a vast array of different colours and patterns, both on the inside and the outside of the ring. Which is awesome, as the rings are super flexible, which means you can flip them inside out if you fancy switching things up a bit. You’re basically getting 2 rings for the price of 1!

I chose Midnight Kiss for my ring design, which is a midnight blue background with a constellation of teeny tiny white stars (stars are totally my thing), but like I said there are so many different options including: Black Fire (matt black with a gold interior), Floral Candy (tropical flower print with a rose gold interior), Lumeria (blue and gold marbled with a silver interior) and many, many more. If you’re struggling to choose, and trust me you will, then there’s always the option to layer them up. The nature of silicone means they fit snugly together, without any gap or movement.

The sizing is also super easy, with a handy online video guide talking you through the process of measuring your chosen finger to make sure you get it right. I decided to go for a larger ring, as I wanted to wear it on my thumb, and if anything I would say to perhaps err on the slightly smaller side because the ring will stretch a bit with age. If you’re worried though or have any concerns, the rings come with a lifetime warranty, which means if over time it begins to warp or fade, if you lose it, or if you’ve ordered the wrong size, Halo will replace it – how nice is that!

A Ring With A Meaningful Message

I love how these rings look and feel, but what I absolutely love more than anything else about the HALO Ring is the sentiment behind it. The whole ethos is such that each ring has a story, or a purpose. The ring you choose is a declaration of something with meaning. Whether that be friendship, a feeling of belonging, in memory of something or someone, celebrating an achievement, or perhaps as a connection to someone you may have lost. Just like the name, these rings are little halos protecting you from what life throws at you; collective bands of guardian angels.

I like to think that the ring chooses you, rather than you choosing it. That when you scroll through the different options on the website, the right ring will find you. Because when you buy a ring for a particular reason, I believe the universe has a way of making serendipitous things happen, and it will find you. The reason I went with the Midnight Kiss ring, aside from my love of stars, is that I wanted something that when I look down at it, it reminds me of the infinite possibilities I have. That in the grand scheme of things I am just a small dot, part of a bigger picture, but a dot that matters none the less. Deep I know, but these rings do somehow have the ability to do that to a person.

Each HALO Ring comes with a high quality plastic message card, that you can keep in your purse, and bring out to read whenever you feel you need it. What you put on this card is entirely up to you, so really take the time to think about it, as this a huge part of the HALO experience. The card becomes a means of motivation or a kind of mantra if you like, which shares a deep rooted connection with the ring itself.

Mine, for example, said:

“Life is so much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to people and just do what works for you.”

Author Unknown

Which I absolutely love, 100% a lesson to live your life by.

You can go for a random message if you like, as if receiving a message from the universe and that you are putting trust in the process that again the right message will find you. Or if you are gifting the ring to someone, there is the option to personalise the message with your own words and to say who it is from, so that they will be forever connected to you. What a truly beautiful gesture.

A Practical Ring For All Occasions

Let’s move onto the practical side of things, because you see silicone rings come with a whole heap of advantages over metal rings. For instance, you know how sometimes with metal rings you can accidentally get them caught on drawers or cupboard doors, usually when you’re rushing around in a hurry, and it hurts right? And worst case scenario, well let’s not think about the worst case scenario in too much detail, because ouch. But when you’re wearing a HALO Ring, the silicone is soft and flexible and therefore designed to break if it gets caught on something. Which is annoying sure, but far better for a ring to break than your finger!

And because of the flexibility and added safety element to the rings, it means it is completely safe for you to keep your ring on no matter what you’re doing. Running, cycling, working out at the gym, watersports, playing with the kids; all of it fine, because you a) don’t risk hurting anyone else (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve accidentally scratched my kids with the stone on my engagement ring) and b) don’t risk hurting yourself.

Now, you might be wondering what the embossed triangles are on the inside of the ring. To be honest, I thought it was just for aesthetic purposes, in that it’s part of the HALO logo and it looks good, it’s a nice design touch. Turns out that these triangles are patent pending vents, which help to keep out moisture, such as sweat and water, and allow your skin to breathe. I’m sure you’ve all experienced that horrid damp sensation of wearing a watch strap made from rubber or similar material, and over time this can cause skin irritation. Plus, there’s the stench (sweaty watch straps are gross) and it can leave marks and deteriorate quickly too. HALO rings are made from Medi-Flexon™, which are next-generation liquid materials and it’s what makes them flexible, breathable, durable and hypoallergenic. Yes, that’s the other thing I was going to mention, these rings are brilliant if you have allergy flare ups with certain metals.

If you lead an active lifestyle and love jewellery, then these are for you. If you love quirky jewellery, that expresses your personality, these are for you. If you’re looking for something a little bit different to mark a milestone in your life, these are for you.

Now all that’s left to do, is to head on over to their website and let the ring choose you.

For more information about HALO and to have a look at their entire range of silicon rings visit the HALO Ring website.

*product gifted for review

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