How To Look After Hair Extensions: Common Mistakes

If you your hair to look voluminous every day, or you want to alter your hairdo, you are fortunate enough, as unlike old times, hair extensions are easy to access for everyone living in 2021. Hair extensions were always a part of the beauty scene, but in 2021 they were better and trendier than ever. Now you can change your hair color as much as you change your mind, go short, long, or anywhere in between and make a stunning hairdo as per your style statement.

There are so many various kinds of extensions and different terminology, that if you enter into the world of hair extensions it might seem daunting at first. There are two major categories of hair extension: one is made from natural human hair while the other is made from synthetic hair.

Extensions of human hair are precisely how they sound. They have actual human hair gathered from a donor from top to bottom. This makes the extensions nearly untouchable and guarantees throughout their lifespan they remain smooth and silky. On the other side, synthetic hair is comprised of many synthetic mixed fibers, without the use of human hair. Usually, these fibers are incredibly tiny plastic fibers produced to resemble human hair.

Some Common Hair Extension Mistakes

Hair extensions are in vogue and are so much fun, since they can transform your style quickly. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes which most of the users of hair extensions make regularly. Some of the common mistakes are:

Treating Them Too Hard

Being too harsh on your hair extension will always harm its life span and texture. Hair extensions are an investment you have made; therefore, you need to realize them before you invest in a set. if you’re too harsh with hair extensions, you will notice several flaws after a period of time.

You may notice your hair extensions might drift more than normal when you brush your hair too hard. Just like your real hair will fall out if you pull it,  hair extensions are subject to the same science. Stroke the right brush style through the hair gently to eliminate any tangles.

Washing Hair Too Soon After Extension Application

Another crucial requirement to be aware of is to ensure that your hair is washed on the day you apply it, but skip the conditioner. You are doomed from the start if you add any product which is designed to make your hair glossy and silky. Why? Because you coat the hair in a slippery substance, such as water-soluble silicone, which causes the band to slip and to fall out sometimes worse. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the hairstylist to inform their client about the do’s and don’ts of hair extension care.

Choosing The Wrong Person For Hair Extension Placement

Hair extension application sounds easy, but it does need some significant hair expertise. Only an expert knows how to cut your hair and where to secure the lengths. As hair extensions become increasingly popular, more and more people are showing interest in this business. However, not everyone should offer hair extensions. A person with no experience can turn your hair into a disaster. So, beware and always consult an expert.

Choosing Low-Quality Hair Extension

Cheaper options are available and the low prices are naturally enticing to the customers. However, you will pay more for poor quality clip ins, which will quickly shed like crazy, tangle and knot, and cost you more visits to a hairdresser to fix them.

When purchasing a hair extension, quality must not be compromised at any cost. Always rely on a quality brand like clip hair to get your hands on premium quality hair extensions. Before investing in your hair, it is pertinent to do some prior research and always choose trustworthy services, because life cannot be perfect, but your hair can be.

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