The New Snack Bar That Tracks As You Eat!

Snacking is the new brunch. Quite a statement right, but if you’ve visited your local health food shop recently you’ll have noticed that healthy snack bars, balls and nibbles are literally taking over the world. In fact eating healthily combined with regular exercise has never been more popular, which is great as that’s exactly what we should be doing.

So it’s only natural that as we burn more calories, our diet demands a regular intake of energy, cue an increasing demand for healthy, filling, nutritious snacks.

Snack Game Strong

With so many products on the market, it can be incredibly difficult choosing which one to buy –

  • Which one will keep us full for longest?
  • Which one catches our eye the most?
  • Which one has the highest protein content?
  • Which one tastes the best?
  • Which one has the least fat/sugar/calories?

But there is one bar that caught our eye recently that has left us absolutely speechless, and trust us that doesn’t happen very often!

SnackTrack looks just like any other bar on the market; high protein, low sugar, low fat, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, yep it ticks every box you could hope from a nutritious snack option. But what makes SnackTrack so different is its remarkable special ingredient.

Mixed in amongst the oats, cacao nibs and coconut lies a group of teeny, tiny atoms that have the capability to record and store data about the inside of your body. They are so tiny you wouldn’t even know they were there, they don’t damage the body, they don’t alter the taste and once they’ve recorded everything, they are pooped out along with the rest of your other food waste.

Here Comes The Science Bit…

We still find it absolutely mind blowing that a simple snack bar can essentially tell us how healthy the inside of our body is and then work out a plan of action to help improve the areas that need fixing. So, how exactly does it work? Well, the brains behind SnackTrack are keen to keep things under wraps for the moment, as the bar is still in the production stages and isn’t set to be released until much later this year, but from what we can gather it works like this:

  • 12 atoms work together to form a small hard drive, which records all essential info.
  • They are pre-programmed to recognise high levels of internal fat (the most dangerous fat; the fat that attaches itself around internal organs).
  • They also gather data on levels of glucose, iron and any other nutrient deficiencies.
  • Once you download the SnackTrack app onto your phone, you can connect to the mini hard drive via Bluetooth, which then transmits the data across for further analysis.
  • 2 hours after eating the bar, the app will alert you to the fact that your data is ready to download.
  • Once you have your data, the atoms have finished their job and will be flushed out of your body, without you even knowing they’ve been there.

Pretty incredible right?! A snack that is capable of telling you how healthy you are from the inside out – the possibilities of this type of ‘tracker’ food is absolutely mind blowing and could really pave the way for the future of our food and health.

Just when you thought you couldn’t raise your snack game any further SnackTrack just took it to a whole different level!

What Do You Think?

Are internal food trackers the way forward or has nutrition science gone too far? We’d love to know your thoughts on this, so get in touch!

Or leave us a friendly comment below.

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