Newborn Baby Formula Sensitivity

Can you remember the moment you found out that you were pregnant for the very first time? You had to have every single detail planned before your baby was even the size of a walnut! What an exciting and scary time for you it was. You planned to breastfeed and even had a backup plan in case you needed to supplement. As many new moms, you probably didn’t know much about choosing baby formula so early on in pregnancy, so you just decided you will use the one that came in a sample size in the US mail.

Fast forward to the night before your delivery day. You go to bed like any normal night, not even considering your next day’s plans might be changed dramatically. You wake up at 7am and find yourself covered in fluids and you realize something, YOUR WATERS BROKE!

You frantically get up, rush around grabbing everything you wished you had packed. Hurrying as fast as you can to the hospital before the baby makes their arrival. You even remember to pack the sample pack of formula, just in case. You get to the hospital and are rushed into the birthing room because baby is coming.

You have your baby and discover you just can’t handle the mental pressure of breastfeeding or a plethora of other reasons prevent you from breastfeeding. So, you start your new baby on their first bottle of formula from the sample. Within just a few hours you discover the baby is not handling the formula well at all. What do you do? Where do you turn in your time of despair? European formulas of course! Let’s discover why.                 

Why Choose European Formulas?     

European formulas are the best solution for baby to have the cleanest, purest formula available. In Europe, their standards and guidelines for baby formula and organics are much stricter than the US.

1. No Harmful Ingredients In Their Formulas

They don’t contain synthetic nutrients (taurine, lycopene, lutein, L-methionine and L-carnitine) still commonly found in US formulas. These toxic ingredients are actually BANNED in Europe altogether! Many of those substances are processed with toxic solvents or are themselves a toxic ingredient.

2. Contains Ingredients To Help Aid Digestion And Make For A Happier Baby Altogether

They also contain prebiotics and probiotics which support a healthy digestion. We all know that is one of the most important things to consider with a new baby. If their digestive system isn’t functioning properly, they are miserable and in turn make parents miserable with sleeping issues, eating issues, and are just all around fussy.

Completely soy free options – NO added soy at all to their formula, not even in the form of “soy oil” like US formulas can have hidden in them.

For the majority of European formulas, the main source of protein is lactose, which is made up of whey and casein. This is the most similar composition to breast milk, and means that baby will process the formula much better.

3. Formulas Available For The Sensitive Or Allergic Baby

European formulas also have options for the extra sensitive baby, that are clean and not ridden with tons of additives. Here are a few options for the baby that needs a gentler formula for their sensitivities:

  • Holle BIO – recommended for babies who are gassy, spit up frequently, and have an extra sensitive stomach. The reasoning is their basic recipe of infant formula, with only the cleanest, Demeter organic certified ingredients.
  • HiPP Dutch– a fantastic starter formula for babies with only slight sensitivity problems. It contains prebiotics/probiotics for aiding in digestion. It also does NOT contain soy or any starches like maltodextrin in any of the versions.
  • HiPP HA – has hydrolyzed proteins for allergic reactions as well as prebiotics/probiotics to aide digestion. These broken-down proteins are easier for baby’s sensitive stomachs to process, and help lactose sensitive babies at the root of the problem.
  • HiPP Comfort – for the most sensitive of babies. It has prebiotics, probiotics, and contains reduced lactose, of which is already hydrolyzed just like in the HiPP HA versions.
  • HiPP Anti-Reflux – is composed of organic locust bean gum for acid reflux. This formula is the go-to choice for acid reflux, gas, fussiness, colic, spit up, sensitive stomachs, and even constipation.
  • Holle A2 formula – for babies that may show signs of lactose intolerance but aren’t actually lactose intolerant. For many babies and adults, the A1 protein in many cow’s milk causes disruptive issues with digestion that appear similar to lactose intolerance. Try switching to this formula before making the switch to a different mammal completely.
  • Holle Goat milk formula – the only fully organic infant formula using goat’s milk. This formula is a clean and clear alternative for babies that just can’t process cow’s milk.
  • Kendamil Goat milk formula – another clean infant formula, offering your baby an alternative to cow’s milk. It may not be Demeter organic certified, but the goats are raised on very clean farms and grass-fed. A big difference is that this infant formula has natural prebiotics and has substituted the palm oil with coconut oil.

Just to recap, no matter what sensitivities your baby has or might develop, or what brand/type you prefer, you can count on My Organic Company to have a full range of sensitive and great European formulas for you to choose the right one for your precious baby! Also, their team of experts can help you with understanding everything you need to know about European formula and help you make the switch successfully. And don’t forget to journal all about this wonderful and crazy time of your life for not only memories, but your mental health.

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