3 Signs It Might Be Time To Consider A Hair Transplant

As those who have had a hair transplant will tell you, the results can provide a permanent solution to hair loss and can change your life for the better. If hair loss is a concern, knowing whether to proceed with surgery to resolve it will depend on many different factors. Some of these can be more apparent than others, so here are 3 signs it might be time to consider having a hair transplant and improving your hair confidence.

You Have Permanent Hair Loss

It can be normal for someone to lose a few strands of hair each day, and usually this will grow back in time. However, if you start to notice that hair is not growing back and more hair is falling out when showering, brushing your hair or on your pillow after sleeping, the hair regrowth cycle could be permanently damaged. This change is usually gradual, but if you have been balding over several months or years, this will indicate permanent hair loss. Most hair transplants in Turkey, one of the most popular destinations for those looking for expert help, will only proceed with surgery if your hair loss is permanent and will assess your hair growth during a consultation. If you suffer from a condition such as traction alopecia, this could be caused by excessive strain on the hair follicles of your scalp. If so, this should usually regrow in time if allowed to by wearing your hair down and wouldn’t normally indicate a permanent condition.

You Have Sufficient Donor Hair

If you have permanent hair loss in an area of your scalp, you will need a good area of hair follicles suitable for transplant. Male or female pattern baldness will characteristically leave hair around the back of your head and sides, with hair loss affecting the front and back of the scalp. If you still have plenty of good hair growth in these areas, you will be a good candidate for a hair transplant. If you do not have enough donor hair, a hair transplant may not be successful. When you have an assessment with a doctor, they will be able to advise how much hair is required to achieve the results you need and recommend whether to proceed.

You Are A Suitable Age

When you’re young and you experience hair loss, it can be worrying and knock your confidence, however, this doesn’t mean a hair transplant should be the first solution. As your body will still be going through hormonal changes and growth in general, most doctors wouldn’t recommend any surgery until you reach your 30s at least. When younger, the hair loss may not be permanent and in time will regrow, so you won’t want to jump into any drastic surgery too soon. If a pattern of hair loss emerges and does become permanent, whilst still having enough donor hair, this is when a doctor will usually recommend a hair transplant. You should rule out any external factors such as stress, harsh chemicals in products, diet and lifestyle first as these can all cause temporary hair loss.

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