Pulsin Protein Booster Review

It’s all about those protein snacks, isn’t it? Whether you’re a gym bunny, fitness freak, healthy foodie or just love a good snack (ummmm hello that’ll be me!) if your snack bar isn’t powered by protein then you’re literally no one.

Pulsin’s newly styled range of Protein Booster bars are available in 5 flavours – Mint Choc Chip, Orange Choc Chip, Vanilla Choc Chip, Maple & Whey Crisp, and Maple & Peanut – two of which I’ve been sent to review!


Mint Choc Chip Protein Booster

Now, if there’s one flavour in this world that I go absolutely doo-lally for, it’s mint choc chip. I LOVE it! After Eights, mint choc chip ice cream, you name it I’m there. So to say I had high hopes and even greater expectations for this bar was an understatement.

Let’s smell it…

Mmmmm it certainly smells lovely and minty, literally drooling at the thought of this gorgeous minty goodness knocking my tastebuds senseless…please don’t disappointment…please!

OK, so it’s got a bit of a strange texture, kind of powdery and I’m not sure I like it. Plus where’s the mint flavour, it smelt so strong when I got it out of the packet, yet this doesn’t even taste as though it’s been in the same room as a Polo. Woah, woah hang on a sec, here it comes…yep the peppermint taste is certainly a grower. The longer it’s in your mouth and the more bites you have it suddenly gets really strong to the point it almost made my tongue feel a bit stingy. If you’re after a bar that’s going to pep you up and leave you feeling energised, then it’s this bad boy.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed, the powdery texture and the mint ‘burn’ was a little much for me, and I felt as though I wanted something I could have a good old chew on. And I think unfortunately that’s the big problem with protein heavy bars (there’s a whopping 12g of plant based protein in each bar), you just can’t get away from that powder after taste. Hey, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s something that you get used to, maybe I shouldn’t have compared it to an After Eight? Look, with that amount of protein and with just 225 cals per 50g bar who am I to scoff. It’s purpose? Why to refuel and re-energise after a gruelling workout, and it does just that. Just don’t try drinking that post-workout smoothie at the same time…like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth…bleurgh!

Orange Choc Chip Protein Booster

Right let’s do this, I’m fully prepared for the powder, let’s bring it on! Also containing 12g of protein, this 50g bar has 224 cals and is rich in fibre.

Opening the packet it reveals a smooth, slightly glossy bar and yep it’s got a lush smell rising up from it; like a Terrys Chocolate Orange – so nice! I can only describe the texture of it as being kind of like the centre of a posh choc, a bit like a truffle a bit like the fluffy bit if a Mars Bar. It’s a bit chewy and yep still has that powderiness to it, but I’m pleased to say, slightly less so than the Mint Choc Chip one.

Containing orange oil and a blend of both pea and rice protein, it did get a bit stodgy for me after a while and I struggled having more than a couple of bites, but hey on the positive it’s the snack that keeps on giving.

Listen I’ll cut to the chase… it’s a thumbs up if you LOVE the protein and it’s a thumbs down if, like me, you’re not too keen!

If you’d like more info or you’d like to order some Protein Boosters to try out for yourself then head on over to the Pulsin website.

I’m afraid it’s Pulsin Peanut Choc Chip Brownies all the way for me!!!!!

*Products gifted for review.

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