Pulsin Raw Choc Brownies Review

Today has been a good day…I have found a healthy snack bar, well brownie to be precise, that actually tastes oh my days, quick I need to shovel it in my cake hole, woah this is amaze, DELICIOUS!

And that doesn’t happen very often.

I’ve tried a whole heap of healthy snack bars, some I’ve liked more than others and I always, ALWAYS, try to be as honest as I possibly can…I deffo don’t want to tell you lot a load of old porky pies! And every time I get sent a new one I think, ‘OK, here we go again, another healthy snack bar that’s gonna taste decent enough, but wont be enough to tempt me away from eating the full fat, sugared up equivalent’.

Until this miraculous day, because yes that bar has entered my life.

Now, I could harp on about how these Pulsin brownies are great because they give you a slow release of energy, or I could tell you about how they make you feel fuller for longer, or I could even rave about how the superfood ingredients in them will strengthen your immune system and support lots of healthy body functions, I could tell you all of that…but lets’ face it, you wanna know how they taste!

So here goes…

Raw Peanut Choc Chip Brownie

Ummm in a word…Delish! Seriously this doesn’t taste like a health food bar, there’s none of that weird powdery, too much green planty tasting stuff you get with some vegan, dairy free, gluten free, ALL the free bars. Nope this is full on chewy, choccy brownie heaven. It has a lovely rich, dark chocolate taste, and the nutty texture is a Goldilocks ‘just right’. Each 35g bar is just 155 cals, which is pretty good for this type of product and considerably lower than others. It combines peanuts (sorry those with nut allergies!), dairy free choc chips and high quality South American cacao to create a very real tasting brownie that is tasty enough as it is, but try heating it up for a few secs and dipping in some yogurt or ice cream of your choosing…O to the M to the G!

To sum up, this is hands down the best healthy brownie I’ve tried and it has deffo earnt itself a place in my belly!

Raw Super Berry Brownie

Same chewy texture, different stylin. Yep the Raw Super Berry Brownie raises the health bar and then some. It’s got a few cals granted (208 cals per 50 g bar), but it’s worth it to see and taste those yummo ruby red raspberries and goji berries. Like the Peanut Choc Chip Brownie I’m afraid they also contain nuts (cashews) oops sorry again nut allergy peeps, but for those of us that are OK with them then they are a lovely addition. In fact think of a well known brand of fruit and nut chocolate…mentioning no names, but yes it’s purple…and this tastes like a healthy version of that.

No refined sugar (Pulsin use the tooth friendly Xylitol, which naturally occurs in lots of fruit and veg), gluten, soya and dairy free, vegan and non GM, makes this a great alternative to many snacks out there. The texture is a bit like raw cookie dough and has almost a smoky aftertaste, like molasses or treacle, which I’m guessing comes through from the dates that are in them. And it’s just the right amount too, enough to fill you up but not enough to give you a food baby.

The package design of both is absolutely gorgeous; a real eye catching, tribal looking pattern that adds some style to your snacking game.

You can also get these brownies in Maca Bliss and Almond & Raisin flavours and all of the bars can be bought from the Pulsin website.

*Products gifted for review

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  1. says: Petra

    I bought Pulsin bars from Aldi before and I really like them. I don’t think I’ve tried the ones you are mentioning here though, however I prefer the cacao bars without peanuts.

    1. says: Becky

      They do other flavours of the brownies Petra – worth checking their site to see if any don’t have nuts, ‘cos they are seriously yum. Have also reviewed some of their protein booster bars – publishing the review soon, but (SPOILER ALERT) it’s brownies all the way for me! 😉

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