How to Purify Your Home Air And Breathe Easy

Everyone is concerned about pollutants outside, but no one actually thinks about the fact that indoor air can be just as, if not even more polluted. We spend most of our time inside and everyone can benefit from having fresh clear air in their home. There are certain ways you can achieve the cleanest air possible indoors, and here are some ideas of what you can do to help.

Eliminate The Source

The starting point towards better air in your home is to identify the source of pollution and then eliminate it. The most common causes of indoor air pollution are dust, smoke, excessive moisture and chemical products, such as paint, detergents and some synthetic fibres. In order to achieve better air quality you will need to do your best to remove these sources. You can easily replace some problematic sources with all-natural alternatives and start to enjoy the benefits of a chemical-free home.

Air Purifying Plants

You can learn a lot from Mother Nature and the best advice is to use her own air purifiers. There are various different species of plants that can help eliminate any toxins and pollutants from your home. If you would like to bring more green inside, you can grow Aloe Vera and Spider Plants, which will surround you with soothing green colour and will purify the air every day. Also, if you wish to have plants with flowers you can rely on Gerber Daisy, Chrysanthemum and Peace Lily. They will look both majestic and help to get rid of anything bad in your home’s air, but remember they will need some maintenance and attention.

Natural Air-Conditioning

When the summer becomes hot we tend to rely on central cooling systems and open windows. However, both of these can bring some outdoor pollutants inside. That’s why you should consider a more natural option. Firstly, you can use ceiling fans to cool down your home a bit and create a pleasant atmosphere. Secondly, you can minimize the use of appliances that produce too much heat. Also, you can opt for heat-blocking window treatments that will provide you with privacy, dim the light and will allow less heat inside. Lastly, you can surround your home with trees and shrubs to help create shade.

Air Purifiers

Another option is investing in an air purifier. Opening windows is problematic because of the pollutants and allergens, but if you get an air purifier, you can remove the allergens and breathe freely. Some of the devices can fit into your central-air system and remove almost all particulates, such as dander and pollen. However, there are many different models and types, so do your research before choosing. Check out some air purifier ratings and compare different models in order to find the one that fits your needs and the style of your home best.

Salt Lamps

If you want to mix decor with air purification, you should opt for salt lamps. Himalayan salt crystals release negative ions in the air and clean it. Positively charged particles in the air cause it to feel stuffy and sluggish, and the negative ions from the lamp will actually reduce this feel. Additionally, Himalayan salt lamps can help reduce symptoms of asthma and various airborne allergies.

Activated Charcoal

If you want to get rid of various odours, particles and smoke you can rely on activated charcoal. It is also known as active carbon and it is odourless and highly-absorptive. Additionally, it is available in stores, which makes them an affordable solution that is easy to find.

Beeswax Candles

If you enjoy being surrounded with candle light, you should avoid using paraffin candles. These candles release petroleum by-products in the air and pollute it. So, instead of using those ordinary candles, you should switch to beeswax ones that will help you create lighting and atmosphere whilst also keeping the air clean.

Air in our homes should be perfectly clean. Follow these simple tips and your home will never feel stuffy again. Plus, some of these can easily contribute to the overall decor and help you create a homey ambiance.

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