Saying Goodbye To Negative Habits In 2021: Diabetes Edition

As we approach the end of January, it is important to remember what this new year is all about. January is named after the Roman god Janus, who symbolizes both beginnings and endings. While many of us turn our attention towards new resolutions, it is important to reflect on what we should leave behind in 2020. For those living with diabetes, leaving behind negative habits can lead to better diabetes management. Diabetes management is about more than just taking the right medications; it’s about maintaining a healthy body and mind. Keep on reading to learn about what you can leave behind in the previous year.


Often, people may feel shame when diagnosed with diabetes. The issue lies in the misconceptions and myths that surround diabetes. Individuals who do not have diabetes may not understand what is going on, and perpetuate harmful ideas such as the misconception that someone has diabetes because they ate too much sugar. This is the year to eliminate those feelings of shame. You are not less than anybody else for having diabetes. In fact, you are a bit of a superhero. Not only must you carry on the regular tasks of life such as working, cooking dinner, cleaning etc. but you must also do that while managing your condition. Nobody gets to decide your worth except you. So push aside that shame and embrace your diabetes. It has made you the resilient person you are today and you shouldn’t feel ashamed about taking care of your health.


Am I doing enough? It can be easy to compare our journey to others. With the growing popularity of social media it can be hard not to. If you find yourself wondering why you can’t get control of your blood glucose levels when those on social media seem to have perfect numbers, remember social media tends to only show one side of reality. The true reality is that people often only show the good things. Think about it, when was the last time you shared the negative aspects of your life on social media? The important thing is to create goals that you can achieve and to not compare yourself to others. You have been living with diabetes for years and know better than anyone else how to manage your condition.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

We get it, life can get hectic and your eating habits may have become less than ideal. This is your time to recommit to eating healthier. The benefits of eating healthier when having diabetes is that it allows you to better control your glucose levels and can help you obtain an optimal weight. If you are an emotional eater, try finding other ways to cope such, as journaling when you feel those cravings come on.

Judging Others

In the same way that no one likes to be judged, we are asking you to do the same by not judging others and their journey. According to an article in Psychology Today, “Judgements are simply our way of seeing the world, which is just one perspective.” What this means is that judgement is not the way the world actually is but rather your interpretation of the situation. The judgements you pass are subjected to the lens in which you see the world. The journey with diabetes in a difficult one, and people should be building one another instead of tearing them down. Instead of shutting down others for what you think is something negative, allow yourself to be a resource for advice. Think about a time you asked a teacher for help and they started yelling at you…did it help you understand the content better? No. Likewise, people are more responsive to others when you position yourself as a guide who is happy to help if needed.

In short, when it comes to ringing in the new year it is just as important to think of habits to leave behind when considering resolutions. For diabetics, these negative habits can lead to better diabetes management and better mental health. For more tips and tricks to help you manage your diabetes and find others going through the same thing, check out DMP. DMP is a social app dedicated to providing those with diabetes with community support and advice through resources such as livestreams, articles, recipes, exercise videos, and more.

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