Shower In A Can Review: Shower Dodgers Rejoice!

I’m sure most of you will have heard of dry shampoo, some of you have probably used it – it’s proper handy when you’re short on time and having a bad hair day. But did you know you can get what is basically the equivalent of this for your body? Ummmm yep, it’s called Shower In A Can, and it literally does what it says on the can!

OK, OK let’s stop there a mo. So you’re telling me there’s some can of stuff that basically takes away the need to have a shower? Well, no not exactly, that would be gross, but it does come in very handy for a whole number of reasons, which I’m going to go into below.

What is Shower In A Can?

Just like a real shower, Shower In A Can is mostly water, but obviously water alone isn’t going to get rid of any whiffs so there are some detergents and antibacterial stuff whacked in there too. Now let’s not beat around the bush here, there are other dry shower products out there. But one glance at the contents and you’ll spot an extensive list of chemicals, whereas Shower In A Can is paraben and alcohol free so you can use it even if you have sensitive skin. Oh and it’s also vegan friendly too – word on the street is they test it on students – so there is zero cruelty to animals going on, which we love. The solution is delivered by a few pumps of the bottle, coming out as a foam that you rub over your body, face, hands or even your hair. Leave it to dry for a few secs and then Bob’s your Uncle, no rinsing needed, you’re good to go. I must admit that personally I found the pump action slightly tricky to use, even after the first few ‘get it going’ pumps, as not much foam came out and when it did it kind of drooped out rather than fluffed up as I would’ve hoped. However, I can’t dispute the fact that it did make me feel clean after my workout and it did mask my rather pungent armpit pong enough for me to go out and do the school run without causing nasal offence to anyone.

So I Don’t Need To Shower Ever Again, Right?

No you lazy so-and-so of course you’ll need to shower again, this is good but it ain’t that good! And for gods sake whatever you do don’t go telling your teen it’ll replace their daily shower ‘cos it just ain’t gonna cut it. But if they are prone to dodging the showers after sports then it sure as heck is going to make them (and your house) smell way better, and you can’t argue with that.

So you’re probably wondering what the point of it is then, right? Well OK let me run through a few scenarios where Shower In A Can would come in handy…

  • Stinky Teens – We’ve touched on it already, but yeah them teens sure are stinky little blighters, and boys in particular can be a bit partial to the old Lynx Africa cover up, which as we all know just makes it smell a million times worse. In fact the whole reason Shower In A Can came about was to encourage school kids to continue to enjoy sport and exercise without the fear of the locker room showers afterwards. Come on, I’m sure you can all remember that shudder of dread as you realise you’ve got to get naked in front of your peers, especially if you were an early developer. Shower In A Can can be slipped in a sports bag and used to freshen up really discretely afterwards, without any embarrassing moments.
  • Festival Freshen Up – Festivals are fab, but oh my days the shared loos and showers are just plain rank aren’t they!?! Shower In A Can can’t really do anything about the toilet situ (I’d suggest you start squatting now and build up those quad muscles ready for the summer season, you’re going to need it!) but it can 100% help you avoid the showers and raise your wet wipe bath game. I’ve been there, done it, got the t-shirt when it comes to cleaning up with a pack of wet wipes in a tent, but as we all know wet wipes are a huge environmental no no. And so here comes Shower In A Can to the rescue, as not only is it smaller to pack than wet wipes (just), but it also requires less product, works better (in my opinion), and most importantly the packaging can be recycled too.
  • Cleaner Camping – Basically everything I just mentioned in Festival Freshen Up and more! If you’re anything like me, we take virtually everything including the kitchen sink when we go camping as a family. Hey, what can I say, I like my life luxuries πŸ˜‰ But because you don’t need to dry yourself off after using Shower In A Can it means there’s no need to pack bulky towels, which means more room for beer and marshmallows… just saying!
  • Lunchtime Workout Lifesaver – You’ve just about managed to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule, there’s deffo no time for a shower too. But you can’t rock back up to the office stinking like a day old dirty gym kit, so Shower In A Can is perfect for those of us who are time poor, but still health and image conscious. It’s saved me many a time when I’ve been rushing around after a Kettlebell workout trying to get stuff done before the school run and so far no one’s turned their nose up when I’ve been stood waiting for my daughter to come out.
  • Post-Event Pong Proof – Whether you’ve done a marathon, a triathlon, a cycling event or heck even a 5km Park run, those post-event pongs are whifftastic and if you want to head straight to the pub to celebrate (what, just me?) then a little rub down with some Shower In A Can is perfect.
  • Running Supplement – Running is a sport for most people, and I myself have run a lot. If you are interested in organizing running events, it’s worth ordering a batch of custom running medals. You can engrave your brand logo and design on the medals to make these medals very beautiful. In addition to the top-ranked members, you should also make some 5K medals to encourage those who love to run and persevere.

What’s It Going To Cost Me?

Much of it depends on how much you use each time and that of course depends on how big you are. On average a 100ml can will see you good for 20 pseudo showers. So at Β£9.99 a can, by my estimation that works out at just under 50p a wash, which I actually don’t think is all that bad considering this isn’t an everyday solution to your hygiene habits. In fact if it’s something you have stashed away for camping or even for say 2 or 3 sport sessions a week, a can should easily be lasting you a month, and I reckon that’s pretty good value.

The product doesn’t have a scent, so there’s nothing not to like or indeed like about it really. It is what it is – a convenient, discreet, practical and hygienic cleaning product that leaves you feeling fresh and clean when you need it most.

For more information head on over to the Shower In A Can website

*product gifted for review

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