Size Up Apparel Women’s Activewear Review

Whether you wear activewear to workout at the gym, when you go out for a run, when you’re just popping out on the school run, or even to meet up with friends for coffee, whatever the reason for wearing it, us women can’t get enough of it. So much so that women’s activewear has very much become a wardrobe staple and if you’re anything like me you’re drawers will be jam packed with the stuff!

We love it because it’s comfy. We love it because it helps suck in our wobbly bits. We love it because even if we aren’t planning on doing any exercise it creates the illusion that we’re fully embracing the fitspo life. And what better way to motivate ourselves to exercise than by wearing clothes that make us look and feel amazing.

I used to be someone who hated the idea of squeezing myself into Lycra. The very thought of it made me shudder. And it wasn’t until I started running a few years ago that I finally braved it and realised wearing leggings wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, it not only made it easier to run (no loose fabric flapping around) but if you shop around and buy decent kit, which is stretchy, soft and has lots of give, then actually it can be incredibly flattering.

Now I know there are a lot of brands out there selling really funky, bright, patterned leggings. And they’re great if you want to stand out and be noticed and even better if you need to be seen at night. But for me, I want something that is a bit more classic, dare I say it, something a little more understated and well… something a bit more fashionable. I’m, not really sure I’m up for looking like a 90s aerobics instructor when I’m trotting through town.

Size Up Apparel have got just the kind of activewear that I like, including classy colours, defined lines and nice little style touches. But, I’ll be honest, when I first looked through their website I worried it might all be a bit too young and urban for me (although that’s probably partly down to the models used in their photos). And that also usually makes the alarm bells ring out that the sizing will be out of whack and will come up a lot smaller than it should. Not is this case, however.

When the items arrived, they looked tiny, and it did make me wonder how on earth I was going to shoehorn myself into them. However, when I tried them on they were very much true to size and oh my goodness so, so comfortable.

The Maroon Stripe Jogging Pants are super soft and yet also really stretchy and have become my new favourite leggings – I can totally see myself wearing these all the time through the winter. I often struggle with leggings being too tight around my thighs and loose around my waist, but these fitted like a glove, I was really impressed by them. I probably wouldn’t wear them running as the material would be way too sweat inducing. I’d say they are better for yoga or for lounging – oh how I live for lounging.

The Zebra Leggings and the Smoked Carbon Tri-Stretch Seamless Leggings are ideal for running and other more active and strenuous workouts, as they have lots of stretch, are high-waisted (which I personally love) and they are 100% designed to show off a woman’s curves. I love the heart shape on the back of the Smoked Carbon Tri-Stretch Seamless Leggings, because it makes my bum look even more shapely and peachy, which is something I never ever thought I’d say about my bum, but honestly it really does show it off at it’s very best. And the white mesh panels on the Zebra Leggings add just the right amount of detail to give a classy feel to what could otherwise run the risk of being a trashy pattern. It really works and paired with the Black Long Sleeved Crop Top, makes for an edgy outfit that makes me feel as though I still have some degree of cool left in me, despite being a 40 year old mum of two!

I am also loving their Black Halterneck Sports Bra, because as a woman with small boobs I can get away with not needing too much support and there’s a nifty bit of hidden padding in there to just accentuate them a little. The shape is really flattering and I love that it shows off my shoulders, neck and back as these are my best areas (in my opinion). I probably wouldn’t have the guts to wear it out in public without something over the top, but do you know what I think I’m looking alright in it!

All of these items of Size Up Apparel women’s activewear can be bought from their website and many of them are also in the sale. But to be honest they’re all so reasonably priced that it’s worth buying them whether they’re in the sale or not.

I feel as though my activewear has been suitably pimped up and because of how well they fit and, even if I do say so myself, how good they look on me, it has sent my body confidence levels soaring. Activewear that makes you feel like that… well that’s the icing on top of the cake, isn’t it!

*products gifted for review

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